Create the official T-shirt for our design community!


99designs T-shirt Contest

Think you can design a really cool T-shirt to represent the amazing talents of our design community?

I am excited to announce the Official 99designs Community T-Shirt Contest.

This is a special T-shirt so create something that YOU would enjoy, something that represents what 99designs is all about: the opportunity, the competition, the fun… creativity on the global scale – the whole enchilada!

The winning designer will get a cash prize and of course the satisfaction of designers wearing their T-shirt.

The stakes are high and the competition will be fierce but we know that you will BLOW US AWAY :) We can’t wait to see it!



Based in San Francisco, Allison (Alli) Stuart works as Head of Community Marketing at 99designs. When she's not writing articles and communicating with designers, she is working on her Children's Book. She also enjoys extreme sports, like sky diving and traveling to new places. Alli has a Fine Arts Degree with a concentration in Graphic Design from Louisiana State University, her home. Geaux Tigers!