Double dutch: a man of twin businesses


Internet entrepreneur, lawyer and professional poker player Dutch Boyd has many strings to his bow. His latest project has been the successful creation of an internet domain-name exchange: essentially providing an all-in-one service for other entrepreneurs and start-ups to facilitate their domain names and hosting. We recently got in touch with him to talk about his experience using 99designs.

Company Profile.

Dutch’s latest side project Jacknames is a full-service website names site. The core services it offers include hostings sites, buying and selling domains names as well as checking availability of domain names for its users.


Dutch was looking for some serious design talent to give his new business the perfect look: professional, but also colorful and dynamic. After doing some initial research on 99designs, Dutch was sold on the contest concept and the high quality of craftsmanship that 99designs would let him tap into for his new venture. As Dutch told us:

“As soon as the submissions started rolling in from artists all over the world, I was amazed. The sheer quality and variety of the work made me an instant convert to 99designs.”

“From my initial competition of designing the Jacknames website, I quickly rolled out another three competitions – two for logos and another for physical and virtual business cards for the site.”

Although Jacknames is still in beta stage right now, Dutch was blown away by the business card design; so much so, that he went ahead and put them into production immediately.

“They are, hands down, the coolest business cards I have ever seen!  The business card is plastic and translucent in some places… every time I hand one out, it never fails to get a comment or compliment – very useful in our world.”


Jacknames will be going live very soon but in the meantime, Dutch is taking advantage of 99designs reputation and quality guarantee: he recently commissioned four more competitions for another subject close to his heart – Poker!

The competitions for Dutch’s Poker websites and the redesign of have been his most successful contents so far.

“Although it was parked as a domain register, the site is incredible to look at and also gets a lot of traffic through search engines, way ahead of schedule. I was even able to localize the landing pages into foreign languages! The traffic and revenue are exceeding my hopes.” said a delighted Dutch.

All of us at 99designs wish Dutch the best of luck in the future with his projects and are happy in the knowledge that our service of providing quality design work on a fixed budget and timeframe has resulted in another satisfied customer.

Check out our logo design and web design services for more details on how you can obtain design work like Dutch’s.


Final Facts.

Customer: Jacknames

Need: Logo, Website Design and physical/virtual business cards

Contest Submissions: 100

Cost: $250