Can you guess Julian Assange’s next hairstyle?


We’ve all seen Julian Assange paraded through the global media recently but regardless of whether one agrees or disagrees with the mans actions, it’s hard to argue with the fact that he has some of the most diabolical hair in existence. After looking through his public media history it’s clear that his past hair-styles consist of everything from super-villain to grunge drummer.

Here at 99designs we figured that it’s got to be hard for the man to keep innovating his styles in the face of such intense public scrutiny – so what better than a design contest getting the worlds best designers to give their take on things?

After throwing the challenge out to our designers we got hundreds of creative new hairstyles for Mr. Assange. We carefully reviewed all entries and chose the top styles  we thought Julian could ask for the next time he’s getting a cut.

Without further ado, here is the countdown of the finalists and honorable mentions:



The Thinker

We really think this hairstyle really focuses on what Julian has had to do a lot of lately – pondering the past and the future. Don’t get us wrong, we definitely think that he can pull off the ‘deep in thought’ look – we just feel that he might have plenty of time to perfect it over the coming months as the scandals roll on and prison time looks potentially on the cards.



The Intergalactic Smuggler

The big question bandied about around this amazing style was how many international secrets could be smuggled out of hostile territory within the vault that is this enormous head of hair….  After much heated argument within the office, we came to the conclusion that based on its size and density (because that is some THICK hair!) that this could hold Europe and Asia’s government secrets but might struggle to contain the worlds private sectors and publicly traded companies. The verdict: may not be an appropriate style for moving the latest bunch of leaks out of western nations.



Team Rocket (s)


Julian may like to stop and smell the roses but his adventures as Team Rocket in the world of Pokemon may not give him the escape he’s after. If only he could duel governments and multi-nationals with his beloved Rockets instead of his legal team, he might have more success. Goooo Rocket!

*Side-note: This lovely duo also managed to take out the staff choice award for most bizarre style – quite an achievement!



The James (Julian) Dean

The coolest of cools, we think this suave and dangerous James Dean look would have women the world over swooning and going weak at the knees for our bad-boy star. The best thing about this style is that Julian can save a bit of cash for those pesky court appearances as he wouldn’t need to use any dye on those shiny white locks of his – he likes to keep it real!



Mister Moustache

Obviously a stout supporter of Mo, Julian with a hairy upper lip and wavy comb-back would bring some old-school class and sophistication to his whistleblower meetings. Sporting a retro-esque stash and living in a grey-scale world may even land Julian some extra work moonlighting: Maybe Movembers next poster boy?



The David Beckham

The favorite of many ladies across Europe, the retired soccer star look might help boost the mans media profile (especially with the British tabloids) but unfortunately wont help him win any Person Of The Year Awards with Time Magazine. With such a dapper look cruising around in his Range Rover he could take some further cues from David Beckham – perhaps starting his own line of cologne?

‘Naked Truth’: A new fragrance by Julian A.



Miss Mermaid

The runner up!  We all knew Miss Mermaid was always going to rank highly in the hairstyle stakes – and what can we say? As disturbing as the photo is, the man(?) can certainly pull off a big head of red hair and a sultry stare. Even though the photo shows no fins or flippers, after one of the office guys mentioned mermaids it was impossible to remove the (now even more disturbing) image from behind our retinas.



And finally, the winner for Julian’s best hairstyle goes to…..



Julian the Conqueror

Napolean was a man that made his mark in the history books and is known throughout the world for many things such as war and domination. We feel that perhaps another thing should be added to that list – an awesome set of curls.

With this style coming in at #1 we feel that even though Julian and Napolean may not share many things (French v Australian, General v Vigilante, Emporer v Outlaw), both do seem to share a level of fame and notoriety that in their respective times made the world sit up and take notice.

In terms of the curls, our thinking is that Julian should embrace the old ways and get his all-conquering hat on (or wig as it were) and look to his future with a sash and medals pinned to his chest because, to be honest, we think the 1700’s really suit him!

Here at 99designs we’d like to thank all our great designers that participated in the contest, without such creative professionals we would not have been able to help Julian choose his new look for the next wikileaks release!