The behind-the-scenes story of Swiftly’s sticker


In a recent bit of cross-company synergy, Swiftly partnered with the 99designs community to design a promotional sticker. While there could only be one winner, we saw so many amazing concepts that we just had to share. Here’s a quick recap.

First things first: the brief

We wanted a sticker that we could proudly display on the rear side of our laptops. A lot of people in the office (and throughout the city) have a great collection of stickers building up, and we decided we needed to see Swiftly up there as it’s a great way to get the word out about your company, and grow your brand recognition.

The very first idea was to do something safe, a simple adaptation of our logo looking something like this:


However, some of our favorite stickers and company logos in general involve a mascot (we love the GitHub octopus and the MailChimp character). With the 99designs community at our fingertips, we knew we could come up with something a little more exciting!

Here at Swiftly, we refer to an inflatable llama wearing a Swiftly t-shirt as our CEO. Here’s a picture of the llama and the team having a great time!


Quite frankly, we’d thought we might be in serious trouble with the big boss if we didn’t incorporate the llama into the sticker design. And thus, the brief was born: a lighthearted sticker design involving a llama wearing a Swiftly t-shirt.

The designs we loved

We were overwhelmed with the number of fantastic designs that poured through. It was a tough job to pick a winner, with much argument amongst the Swiftly team. Below are just a few of the talented designers who participated — this blog post could really go on at least twice as long!


Emmess came through with some seriously trippy designs. Everyone on the team loved the sheer psychedelic creepiness of them. Unfortunately, they were not quite right for a sticker design.


Nina B. Bojovic

We also loved the slightly crazed nature of Nina’s designs. The llamas are strange and intense. We had to physically restrain ourselves from awarding Nina straight away, no further questions asked, when we saw her insane “Pina Collama” concept.



I personally loved the teeth on this guy and the Sam & Max style aesthetic. The creepiness of it was a plus for some, but others in the office found it to be disturbing. I guess they may have a point.



PinchStudio is a skilled cartoonist and provided us with a lot of great ideas. We enjoyed his hand drawn style and his sense of fun. The “bling” llama concept below went really far, but we ultimately decided it was probably just a little too silly.


The final 3 designs

We eventually narrowed it down to three designs. And then we got stuck. It was just too difficult to eliminate any of these designs. They each had a lot going for them, and various parties around the office came to support each. We even had the Raspberry Pi-powered TV screens around the office displaying the choices to help generate discussion!

Of course, in the end we had to pick just one but it broke our little hearts to eliminate these final two.


Daivat had a concept that we loved. A friendly, colorful llama in a really cool ‘crinkle-cut’ style. The little Swiftly saddle on this guy is adorable.


Cross The Lime

This design was the front runner for a long time, until we decided that we wanted a slightly more serious look. We love the clean lines and the happy attitude.


The Winner: Sanjar

In the end, we went with this guy. Unlike the other two finalists, this llama is serious business. We liked that. One staff member put it very well when he said,”You can tell this llama is very proud, like he just lead his llama army into battle and emerged victorious without raising a sweat.”


Majestic. Glorious. Prestigious. Llama.

Which is your favorite?


Daniel Williams is a Bachelor of Science (Computing and Software Science) student at the University of Melbourne and Research Assistant at the Centre for Neural Engineering where he applies Machine Learning techniques to the search for genetic indicators of Schizophrenia. He also serves as a tutor at the Department of Computing and Information Systems. Daniel is an avid eurogamer, follower of "the cricket", and hearty enjoyer of the pub.

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