Web design contest launched for San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick!


San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick may be gearing up for his first Super Bowl appearance this weekend, but behind the scenes another new venture of his is taking place here at 99designs. Colin will soon have a new design for his website Kaepernick7.com courtesy of the winning designer in a contest run on his behalf by custom web development and sports internet marketing firm Athlete Web Design, who will be developing the winning design with a custom WordPress theme and providing ongoing maintenance and support of the website for their new client. Shawn Smith, PR & marketing director for X-A-M Sports who represents Kaepernick, acquired the domain name in mid-January to be used for his official website.

“Because of the magnitude of the game coming up, the rapid turnaround required and our desire to get the absolute best design we could, 99designs fit the bill. We employ fantastic in-house designers but wanted to get as many great ideas as we could from 99designs’ enormous design community, including some of Colin’s designer fans,” said Tim Evans, President of Chicago-based Athlete Web Design. “We’ve used 99designs for other projects and have had great results.”

While it’s a “private” contest, meaning the public isn’t able to view the more than 200 submissions the contest has attracted so far, we’ve included a screen shot of the contest page as well as some of our favorite designs below to give an idea of what fans can expect. Let us know what you think in the comments!

Graphic designers wishing to enter can register with 99designs for free and submit designs to the contest through Tuesday, February 5th. (Which happens to be the day those of us in 99designs’ San Francisco office expect to be cheering Colin on during the parade celebrating the 49ers’ sixth Super Bowl win!)

Note to designers: Be prepared to add an image of the Lombardi Trophy to your design if things go the way they should!

screenshot kaepernick copy



Design by akhmadkhoirudin



Design by b4n



Design by riki_azs



Design by scaramouche


#34_rajdip mitra

Designs by rajdip mitra



Design by McFodey



Design by tündérke



Design by Ar1anna



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