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Small and crafty: the best craft brewery labels

You’ve probably been told “don’t judge a book by its cover”—the same might go for beer, but we’re pretty sure that people do it, anyway. A small craft brewery might have the best beer in three states, but no one will take notice unless it has an eye-catching label. A craft beer label design doesn’t... Read More

March 3rd By

Live your best day, everyday: reflections from Silicon Valley Day

As a business owner, we often find ourselves swept up in the everyday details of managing our business and forget to look around us. This past week 99designs helped host Silicon Valley Day one of the largest entrepreneur conferences in Guadalajara and Monterrey, Mexico. Talk about trying to manage the day-to-day details! But instead of being... Read More

February 27th By

Australia’s best beef jerky brand launches with help from 99designs

Dan Ford gave up his full-time career as a lawyer to follow his dream of creating Australia’s best beef jerky. That daunting transition paid off and not just in delicious beef jerky – just ask one of his 722 Kickstarter backers who pledged $26,500 last January to help get Ford’s Bald Rock Beef Jerky business... Read More

February 24th By

10 web designs we can’t get enough of

We all know it by now: 2014 was the year of flat design for web design. While designers proved that flat does not have to mean boring, other trends of the year included parallax scrolling and crafty illustrations as well as grid-like patterns for organization. With that in mind, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite... Read More

February 20th By

The Kickstarter-backed AirBoard helps creators do what they love—create!

You might use the words “tech savvy” to describe Olivier Menard. After starting his career as an electrical engineer in the aerospace industry in Texas, he continued it in Toulouse, France, where he designed satellites on-board computers for 15 years. After earning a master’s degree in industrial design and innovation at Strate Paris, he began... Read More

February 18th By

The big web design trends for 2015

When thinking about web design, you must consider the full spectrum of possibilities that the internet presents. Done boldly, designers can push the limits of human interaction and imagination on a global scale – as is often seen with edgier industries, such as creative agency websites. In this article, we’ll boil down some of the most prominent web design trends emerging in 2015. It is... Read More

February 13th By

4 fun exercises to help define your brand personality

Whether you’re launching a new company or rebranding an existing one, you’re faced with an important challenge: defining your brand personality clearly and definitively in the mind of the consumer. One approach that many have found helpful is to think of your brand as more than a logo or a product or even a company,... Read More

February 10th By

Vote for January’s Top 9 at 99!

Every January, businesses around the world kick it into high gear for the New Year – and, thus, so do designers. More work means more options than ever for a great collection of designs for Top 9 at 99, proving that a busy brain can be a creative brain. Help us choose this month’s winner... Read More

February 5th By

Handground takes their coffee grinder from concept to prototype

Handground took crowdsourcing to the next level when they began working on the Precision Coffee Grinder. The idea was simple: use the power of crowdsourcing to develop a more consistent and sustainable coffee grinder. Thousands of coffee lovers from around the world put their heads together to conceptualize the new machine. Then they took the idea... Read More

February 3rd By

Red alert: What the fiery color says about your brand

“I wonder what those flashing red lights mean?” “Well, red usually means ‘caution’… or ‘beef’, if it’s a bouillon cube.” — Robin Williams and Joan Cusack, Toys (1992) The simple joke above reveals something about the diverse ways in which color (in this case, red) is perceived and about the broad array of emotions it... Read More

January 28th By

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