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Old school vs. new school marketing: Which is best for your business?

The Internet has changed the way we do things. It has become our encyclopedia and our shopping cart, our healthcare consultant and our telephone, our banker and our arcade. One of the things that has changed most profoundly over the past two decades is the way goods and services are marketed. One can purchase almost... Read More

April 17th By

Spring cleaning: 15 logos that simplified in 2015

Just as each spring we emerge from hibernation and make an effort to tidy our winter dens, so businesses have occasion to reflect on their logos: “Can we clean up our mark a little? Are all of these colors, lines and letters really necessary, or is a streamline in order?” The first quarter of 2015 has proven... Read More

April 17th By

Better Google rankings for mobile friendly sites starting April 21st

On April 21st, the Google algorithm will be expanding its use of mobile-friendliness and will begin using it as a ranking signal for internet searches on mobile devices. This announcement should come as no surprise since Google continually factors user experience into its ranking evaluations, and mobile searches have increased dramatically over the last few years. SEO and... Read More

April 14th By

DIY or DFM? Knowing when to hire a professional

For today’s small business owner, efficient allocation of resources is an essential skill. Some tasks and projects you can handle in-house, while others require the assistance of an outside professional. When it comes to graphic and web design, it can be tempting to say, “I can do that myself.” And while a do-it-yourself approach may... Read More

April 10th By

5 Small business growth hacks

Small businesses want to get noticed fast. With limited resources when you’re first starting up, a few effective tips for increasing brand awareness can go a long way. Use these small business growth hacks to build your client base and give your business a boost. 1. Control Access It may sound counterintuitive, but limiting who can access your site... Read More

April 10th By

7 Hallmarks of emails that get a response

The “ding” from my phone that tells me I’ve received an email is the 21st century’s version of Pavlov’s bell. Yet 80% of the time, once I see the subject line of a given email, I navigate away without even opening the message. And I’d venture to bet you often do the same. But as a... Read More

April 8th By

Adding a jolt to your day: Coffee shop logos

If there’s one thing that people are passionate about, it’s their morning coffee. We know this: people who love coffee have strong feelings about the coffee they drink and where it comes from. Brand loyalty is very strong not only for the types of beans people brew, but also for the roasters and cafes that they... Read More

April 3rd By

New webinar: How to get the best from your designer

It’s a great feeling when a designer delivers you a professional design that’s been created just for your business. But what if you want more than great? What if you want WOW? In most cases, getting to ‘wow’ is all about giving your designer the most helpful picture of your business and what you’re looking... Read More

March 31st By

It’s time to vote for March’s Top 9 at 99!

It’s been another great month of creativity here on 99designs and we’re excited to showcase some of the best work we’ve seen in March! We love how diverse our designers’ skills are – and what better way to spotlight them than in our illustrious Top 9 at 99. From album covers and food trucks to... Read More

March 27th By

5 best practice tips for online marketing

We’ve all heard the claim, “This product practically sells itself!” If only it were that easy. The fact is, no matter how functional, user-friendly, or needed a product may be, it requires deft marketing to attract enough customers to make it a winner. And in today’s competitive marketplace, design plays an important role in most... Read More

March 27th By

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