Jennifer Reynolds: “A Lifestyle Designer”


Dubbed a ‘lifestyle designer’ by her clientele, Jennifer Reynolds of Jennifer Reynolds Interiors is an up-and-coming entrepreneur in the Interior Design industry.  Jennifer’s fundamental aim is to not only design and produce the home of your dreams, but match your lifestyle to that vision, while providing her customers with a “process experience unlike any other”.

Usually the one responsible for decorating, Jennifer handed it over to 99designs to decorate the Jennifer Reynolds Interiors brand. We caught up with her recently and she reflected on her experiences with 99designs.


With Jennifer Reynolds Interiors on the rise and quickly growing into a successful small business, Jennifer knew it was time to upgrade and redecorate. With the foundations already in place, including an existing brand and company logo, Jennifer came to us ready to give her business a bit of touch up.

“We just needed an update on our marketing materials. We had never worked with a team of professionals to develop our brand and because the business has taken off and is growing at a rapid pace, we thought it necessary to update our look and spend the necessary money on our business…it was time!”

Not really knowing what direction to take her company branding, Jennifer pursued the benefit of the 99designs experience to accomplish her first step – a new and improved company logo.

“I loved the idea of having several graphic designers give it a try. Why stick with one when you can have 20 or 30 working with you?”

Immediately, Jennifer saw the benefit in using 99designs, not only to save costs but from the quantity and quality of designs she received. She paid tribute to the amazing work the graphic designer community did in striving to perfect her company’s logo and give her exactly what she wanted.

“I was able to see so many different perspectives and points of view on how others saw my branding. It was incredible to see how creative all of these graphic designers could be and I think they really wanted to create a wonderful outcome and give me exactly what I was looking for. I could not be happier and I would have ended spending 2 times the amount of money had I gone somewhere else.”

“It was the neatest and fun experience. I was expecting 30 designs to choose from but I ended up with 129 or so….I couldn’t believe it. The designers were so easy to work with; they were prompt and caring and always took my feedback and ran with it. They were quick to turn things back around and always open to my comments and ideas. They were wonderful to work with and it was a fabulous experience. I would definitely do it again…no doubt!


With a magnitude of designs to choose from, Jennifer only had to select the one for her and the whole process was done and dusted. As Jennifer said…

“I am so happy with the outcome and I just love my companies logo! The entire process was easy and quick and a true pleasure…..not to mention a lot of fun! I would highly recommend the process to everyone”.

You can check out Jennifer’s design contest here!

Final Facts

Name: Jennifer Reynolds
Company: Jennifer Reynolds Interiors
Budget: $295
Design Submissions: 129



Edward has a depth of experience within the world of marketing at both large and small companies having worked for Microsoft all the way through to currently working for 99designs, and has also spoken at several Australian Universities around online marketing and the role it can play in our current global market. In his spare time outside of his laptop, you'll find him training for a triathlon, or daydreaming about ways he could chase Winter around the globe with his snowboard.

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