Successfully Starting a Company Blog


Congratulations!  You’ve decided to create a company blog. So what comes next…?

Maintaining a blog takes some work but with a little bit of preparation and some commitment you can set yourself up for great success.

1) Decide how often you can post.

As a business, it’s ok if you don’t post everyday, but you do need to be consistent.  Once a week is fine if that’s what you can do.  As long as your readers know when to expect fresh content, they’ll come back.

2) Create an editorial calendar.

What topics do you want your blog to cover?  What content will keep your customers/readers engaged?  Create a calendar for at least six months out.  You can always adjust topics if something timely comes up, but it’ll help keep you on track.  Plus, when things get hectic, you don’t have to brainstorm topics; they are already set up for you.

3) Decide who will be writing.

Is just one person writing posts or will you have a team of contributors?  If you have a small staff, consider outsourcing some of your content. Freelance writers are in abundant supply, so no matter your blog subject matter, you are sure to find someone who can write for you.

4) Monitor your analytics.

Senior management is going to want to know what kind of traffic you are getting on the blog, so make sure to install Google Analytics or StatCounter to your blog.  Both will tell you your daily traffic, page views and uniques.

Monitoring your analytics will also help you see which posts produce the most engagement.  This will help you create content down the line.  For instance, if you are in the food industry, you might notice that recipe posts are shared and commented on more than others.  Learn from your statistics.  It’ll help you as your blog grows.

5)  Make sure your readers can share your content.

Readers WANT to share and get frustrated if they can’t. Download widgets for Facebook and Twitter if you do nothing else.  StumbleUpon and Google + are good too. Sharethis is a good widget that includes all of these sharing networks.

After you check these off your list, it’s time to get writing and promote, promote, promote.  Make sure your customers can find your blog.  Put a button on your homepage. Update your Facebook page with new blog posts and tweet out the URL as well. If you have a customer newsletter, include your blog in there as well.

Check out Heather’s upcoming post on how to get the most out of blogging once you start!


Erin Lane has over 11 years of marketing communications experience. After many years with a local strategic communications firm, Erin went on to serve as Director of Marketing Communications for a small juvenile product distribution company. Her expertise lies with the juvenile product sector and marketing to parents. She is now working with small businesses to help them better market their brands and product offerings. You can follow her on Twitter at @ErinCLane.

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