Father’s Day roundup: Celebrate with 6 dad-worthy designs!


With Father’s Day just around the corner, 99designs would like to give a big shout-out to all the fabulous dads who have nurtured us, made us laugh, and taught us many of life’s important lessons.  And, of course, to recognize some of our favorite dad-worthy designs (and the entrepreneurs and designers behind them!):

#1 – Not Superdad

Winning design by LittleBucket

Dads are often considered everyday superheroes, but according to Keith Devin Morton, dads can use 7 “Not Super Powers” to improve their abilities as fathers. In his book, Morton details how dads can incorporate these 7 traits to create a solid foundation for lifelong parenthood. We think Keith is doing some fantastic work, and that the book’s bold, bright, and graphic cover is, well, super!

Not Superdad’s contest can be viewed here.

#2- Be A Better Man

Winning design by Sally Wangi

Not all men are forgetful when it comes to remembering important dates like anniversaries and birthdays – some are just plain busy ! (And, okay, okay – some do remember!) Be A Better Man enables users to organize important dates and receive customized emails and gift suggestions so that men who do forget, for whatever reason, will never end up in the doghouse again.

The BeABetterMan contest can be viewed here.

#3 – Tag-a-Tie

Winning design by pixelmatters

Think a tie is a boring, cliché Father’s Day gift? Think again! Tag-a-tie offers the ability to customize a tie with a personalized message or image. Skip the greeting card this year and give dad something he’ll remember for years to come. And tell us, what would your tie say?

Tag-a-Tie’s contest can be viewed here.

#4 – Benton Clay

Winning design by mistfit

If your dad isn’t the tie-wearing type (perhaps he works at a startup like 99designs, where jeans and a quirky-cool tshirt are more the norm), be sure to check out Benton Clay. These masters of shaving offer soaps, brushes, and other products to help him look and feel like a million bucks. Believe it or not, even dads like to be pampered (though whether or not they’ll admit it is a different story)!

Benton Clay’s contest can be viewed here.

#5 The Emporium Barber


Winning design by LuckypiG

We dig the vintage feel of The Emporium Barber’s mustachioed moniker! This hip, Brisbane-based barber shop delivers a new take on an old tradition, and is the perfect place for dad to kick back, relax, and get a little taken off the top.

The Emporium Barber’s contest can be viewed here.

#6 Dad’s Guide to Twins

Winning design by Pända

For a new father, having twins doesn’t need to mean double the trouble – or the cost, for that matter! Joe Rawlinson, proud papa of two boys and two twin daughters, provides a great resource to expectant fathers of twins. Through his book and blog, Joe teaches dads how to best prepare and manage when the stork decides to pull double duty.

The Dad’s Guide to Twins contest can be viewed here.


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