Design of the Week: Garden Dish’s fairy tale story


Love at first sight does happen at 99designs.  Garden Dish immediately fell in love with binaryrows‘ design at the first sight of its earthy and organic elements.

Garden Dish is a small business dedicated to giving inspiration, guidance and support to vegan cooks, food gardeners, and anyone interested in plant-based cuisines.  Binaryrows brought Garden Dish’s philosophy of fresh, natural and healthy to life in her design.

Let’s back up to the beginning of the contest and go to the design brief.  For this contest, color is key.  Having a garden means having all the natural and attractive colors that mother nature gave us.  For the owner of Garden Dish, this means, strawberry red, blueberry blue, spinach green, cherry red, and apple blossom white and pink.  She added that she is looking for something feminine, quiet, and simple.

The result? A design that Garden Dish owner immediately “connected” with.  It was indeed love at first sight – from the simplicity of the design, to the “swoopi-ness” of the fork, to the clean white background.

The versatility of the design, as Garden Dish’s owner pointed out, was perfect for a banner, book cover, apron, website, team clothing, and we could go on…

This happy ending continues with the discussion between Garden Dish’s owner and designer working further to develop the perfect web design.  For many small businesses like Garden Dish, great connection develops not only with that perfect logo design, but also that perfect designer.

Check out the contest here.


Illona is a Community Team member and a liaison to the Indonesian community at 99designs. She is originally from Los Angeles, CA and graduated from UC Santa Cruz. You can often find her hanging out with her Australian Shepherd, Lilah, or in the kitchen testing out new dessert recipes.

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