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Inside 99designs: How to run a successful design contest

We recently provided some advice to help you prepare for a design contest. Today’s post jumps into tips for running the contest itself, so if you still need to complete your design brief be sure to check out part one. Running a design contest includes everything you’ll do between launching your contest and taking ownership... Read More

April 18th By

Inside 99designs: How to best prepare for a graphic design contest

The more effort you put into anything in life, the better the results tend to be. Running a graphic design contest on 99designs is no different. When running a design contest you’re essentially taking on the role of Creative Director, so it’s important to be prepared to offer the direction and guidance your designers will... Read More

April 10th By

7 Customers Who Make Us Laugh – and Laugh With Us!

With the likes of Google and YouTube playing media pranks yesterday in honor of everyone’s favorite jokester holiday – check out a fun roundup of top April Fool’s Day shenanigans here – we got to thinking about some of the laughter-inducing design contests our customers have launched over the years. From a poster for a... Read More

April 2nd By

Hank Jordan: Publishing Entrepreneur

Hank Jordan has spent a lifetime in the writing and publishing business. While studying electronic engineering in his earlier years, he somehow found time to simultaneously edit four local weekly newspapers. From there on he never looked back, and in subsequent years Hank made a career from combining his life long love of writing, electronics... Read More

March 6th By

99 Resources for Small Business: Volume 2

Here at 99designs, we like to highlight some amazing resources for our readers. Volume Two is compiled with amazing applications that almost any small business will find incredibly useful as well as great advice from one of our favourite serial entrepreneurs. Check it out!

January 17th By

99 Resources for Small Business: Volume 1

Welcome to the first entry in a new series of posts for our business blog.  Over the coming months we’ll be compiling a collection of helpful resources looking at things such as social media platforms and how to understand and use them, applications to save your business time and money, websites that offer helpful services... Read More

December 12th By

The Wedding Photographer

Nicholas Critelli is a professional wedding and portrait photographer that understands taking beautiful pictures is more than just good timing and lighting. Read his 99designs Customer Story.

November 22nd By

Becoming a Business Networking Pro

"Business Networking." The term conjures up images of suits and handshakes. As daunting a prospect as it may seem, professional networking can be invaluable to the small business owner. Our nine tips will help transform you into an effective networking machine!

November 18th By

Startup Series Part 2: First Steps

Once your business startup is up and running, its important to continue to execute on your plan of action. These next tips follow on from our Part one instalment and guide you through things that are imperative in that crucial secondary stage of beginning your own business. 1. Market yourself Once branding is organized, you... Read More

November 16th By

Startup Series Part 1: Business Blueprints

Starting your own business is exciting, but can also be a pretty daunting prospect.  For many people, starting a business will be the biggest risk they will ever take in their life.  Knowing this, there are steps anyone can take to maximise a venture and get the foundations of their new business in place. W have collated... Read More

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