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Design Roundup: 16 legitimate legal logos

When you have a broad audience, breaking your logo out of the classic, generic arena can be tough. Alongside dental offices and real estate companies, logos for law firms or law-related businesses tend to feature overused, generic images and concepts. One quick Google images search and you’ll see what we mean: Gavel, scale, and initials... Read More

April 23rd By

9 standout kitty-inspired designs to celebrate National Adopt-a-Cat Month

June is National Adopt-A-Cat Month, which inspired us to highlight some of our favorite winning designs featuring the cuddly (yet cunning) creatures. After looking through hundreds of contests – our customers really seem to like cats – we deduced that cats send a number of branding messages, from simply being aesthetically pleasing, friendly fluff-balls to serving... Read More

June 21st By

Youtube singing sensation Heather Russell builds a brand

Heather Russell is a remarkably talented singer-songwriter out of Los Angeles. She writes and sings soulful, melodic songs with powerful vocals – and she’s only 12 years old! Heather has been singing since the age of 5 and, with some help from Youtube, has become an internet sensation as of late. Her tunes attract listeners... Read More

August 9th By

Kassie Rempel of Kassie’s Closet – Opening the doors to online retail success

Online shopping can be a hassle and a pretty significant time-suck – and if anyone sympathizes, it’s 99designs customer Kassie Rempel, founder of Kassie’s Closet. Kassie’s Closet (or “The Closet,” as Kassie refers to it) is dedicated to making women’s experience shopping online for clothes and accessories easier and more fun. 99designs spoke to Kassie... Read More

May 25th By

Yolanda Russell of Brighten Recruitment: Launching a (Truly!) Sustainable Business

If you’ve ever thought about taking the skills you’ve acquired working for other companies, identifying a niche or target market you’re passionate about, and striking out on your own, you have something in common with Yolanda Russell. Yolanda is the founder of Australian executive recruitment firm Brighten Recruitment, which is dedicated to linking talented individuals with businesses focused... Read More

May 2nd By

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