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The Small Business Owners New Years Resolutions

Setting New Years Resolutions is not always easy. Some people I talked to have resolved to not make any New Years Resolutions. But running a small business means looking forward and always being hopeful. So have fun with it. Here are some of the best resolutions I have seen that my fellow small business associates... Read More

January 10th By

Time to get professional

Mary discusses several ways to ensure that your business conveys a professional image to your customers, even if it is being run out of the spare bedroom.

December 19th By

De-Clutter That Desk!

For many of us, running our own business means being the boss, the secretary, the receptionist, the marketing department, the janitor and everything in between. How do you do all this from one desk? Along with the computer and cell phone there are three things no home office should be without. 1. Small and Fast... Read More

December 7th By

Take the Plunge! The Small Business Questionnaire

Starting a small business is like being a member of a Polar Bear Club: it takes commitment and an advance knowledge that this might even be a little bit painful. Check out our small business questionnaire to ensure your ready to leap in!

November 21st By

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