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Meet PinchStudio: designer and small business owner

This week, we’re hoping that hundreds of small businesses around the United States will be posting this awesome illustration by PinchStudio in their real or virtual storefronts: PinchStudio’s poster/social media banner illustration for National Small Business Week Most of the folks who run contests on 99designs are small business owners (and many designers are, too),... Read More

May 15th By

How to collaborate with a designer on 1-to-1 projects

One of the best outcomes of running a contest is finding an awesome designer who you’ll be able to turn to for all of your future projects. We just so happen to have a 1-to-1 projects platform to help you collaborate in just this manner. The results tend to be glorious – especially if you... Read More

April 7th By

15 descriptive design words you should know

Designers tend to pride themselves on being “visually oriented” — and rightly so. That need not mean that you can’t describe your wishes, however. Being able to verbally describe your work to a designer throughout the feedback process is an indispensable skill. Here we’ve come up with fifteen very useful, high-level design words that any... Read More

January 26th By

4 design predictions for 2014

Boy, was 2013 a fun year for branding nerds. From art museums to operating systems, we saw some truly bold and risky design moves – some of which paid off, others of which crashed and burned at an epic scale. Looking at the trends that gained traction in 2013 also gives us an idea of... Read More

January 16th By

Who wore it better? The branding trends of 2013

Another year gone by, another opportunity to examine the branding trends that surfaced — and, more fun, to point out who re-branded gracefully and who botched it. We have picked out 10 salient trends from 2013, ranging from location branding to adaptive design, and put together a series of “who wore it better” comparisons. (Yes,... Read More

December 31st By

Neon and gold: signage trends beyond the screen

Think about the storefronts of a 20th century metropolis or a 19th century frontier main street, and even if you’re a branding fanatic like us, it’s probably not a sea of typefaces that comes to mind – rather, it is the physical presence of the signage, whether in steel, paint or light. Just have a... Read More

October 9th By

Google has a new birthday suit

What’s chock full of primary colors and distinctively beveled? Not Google’s logo – at least it may not be anymore. In conjunction with its fifteenth anniversary (happy birthday, by the way; we know you’re listening), the search engine giant has been trickling out a modified version of its prior design. This new one has more... Read More

September 27th By

A client-designer Bear Hug for Valentine’s Day

We’re in good spirits this Valentine’s Day, having received a special Valentine’s gram (video below) from App Village, a client currently in the business of bear hugs. But the real recipient of this thank-you is Zaaviart, the designer in our community whose awesome illustration work won him the contest that App Village ran on our site. What they needed were... Read More

February 14th By

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