[UPDATED 1/4 – Announcing our final participants!] 99nonprofits’ 12 Days of Design Giveaway kicks off today – apply now for free graphic design!


With the New Year just around the corner, we know a lot of not-for-profit organizations are thinking of priorities – and budgets – for 2013. If a new logo, website  or graphic design work for an upcoming event or campaign is on the to-do list, “free” likely sounds pretty good! Which is why we’re so excited to announce that starting today we’re accepting applications for 99nonprofits’ special 12 Days of Design Giveaway.

In celebration of the holiday season and the new year ahead, 99designs is giving away 12 design contests to certified nonprofit organizations around the world (a value of $199 – $599) as part of our 99nonprofits program. We’ll give away one free design contest each day from December 10th – December 21st! Organizations are invited to get complete details and apply here.

Not familiar with 99nonprofits? Through this initiative, launched in July 2012, 99designs provides free design contests to several charitable organizations each month. To date, 24 nonprofit groups have  received logo, web page, social media page, t-shirt and a wide variety of other types of design contests. To learn about some of our participants and see the designs they’ve received, check out this showcase!

The deadline to apply to 12 Days of Design Giveaway is December 20th (but organizations can apply for 99nonprofits anytime!).

We hope you’ll spread the word to your nonprofit pals and encourage them to complete our short 12 Days of Design application. Check back here daily starting December 10th to see which organizations will be ringing in 2013 with new designs!

Happy holidays from all of us – and keep up the good work!


December 10 – Day one of our 12 Days of Design Giveaway!

We’ve selected the first recipient of a free design contest in our 12 Days of Design Giveaway! Atlanta-based Good Mews Animal Foundation is Georgia’s oldest cage-free, no-kill cat shelter providing shelter for abandoned, abused and neglected cats until a permanent loving home is found. Good Mews will soon launch a logo design contest. Check out its website to learn how you can help further its mission!

December 11 – Announcing our second 12 Days of Design recipient!

We’re pleased to announce our second 12 Days of Design participant, La Isla Foundation! La Isla aims to improve medical treatment for chronic kidney disease, an epidemic affecting thousands of agricultural workers in Chichigalpa, Nicaragua. The organization supports workers and their families, organizes educational programs and initiatives, and works closely with local institutions and organizations. Take a look at La Isla’s website to learn more about chronic kidney disease and how you can help save lives!

December 12 – We’re proud to announce our third 12 Days of Design recipient!

99nonprofits’ 12 Days of Design is in full swing, and today we’re proud to bring you our third participant, the American Social Health Association! Founded in 1914, ASHA is the oldest national nonprofit organization focused on preventing sexually transmitted infections (STIs). The organization seeks to educate and support the public through hotlines and support groups, media campaigns, research, and advocacy. ASHA reaches over 5,000 people each day, and is committed to building strong relationships and understanding the needs of those they serve. To learn more about ASHA, be sure to visit their website!

December 13 – Drumroll please! Our fourth 12 Days of Design recipient!

Located in Half Moon Bay, CA (just south of 99designs’ San Francisco office), the Institute for the Study of Knowledge Management in Education (ISKME) is dedicated to helping schools, colleges and universities to expand their ability to collect and share information. ISKME aims to study and build the field of education in order to create open, knowledge-driven environments. The organization’s open knowledge networks include a community of 25,000 teachers, students and self-learners who have curated over 32,000 open educational resources. Be sure to check out ISKME’s website to learn more about their mission and how they’re working to improve education!

December 14 – Bringing you our fifth 12 Days of Design recipient!

Rock it Biz, a Berlin-based non-profit, aims to spark creativity and entrepreneurship in youth between the ages of 12 and 16. These young entrepreneurs work in teams to organize a company, design and manufacture a product, and eventually market and sell that product. The organization strives to help develop skills such as team building, risk taking, collaboration and innovation, and to inspire an entrepreneurial mindset. Be sure to check out the fun on the Rock it Biz website!

December 15 – Meet and greet our sixth recipient!

Universal Technology Outreach Community Hubs (U-TOUCH) fulfills its mission by providing technology solutions in disadvantaged regions throughout Africa. The organization was founded by Deb and Ron Plotkin in response to the aftermath of twenty years of LRA rebel reign in North Uganda, and aims to help bring impoverished areas into the digital age. U-TOUCH provides computers, technology training, and e-mentoring to help develop the communities it serves and to help establish global connections. Take a look at the U-TOUCH website to learn more about how you can help connect communities!

December 16 – Lucky number 7! Announcing our seventh recipient for 99nonprofits’ 12 Days of Design!

Language Exchange International is a French not-for-profit that seeks to bring language and culture groups together internationally. The organization focuses on establishing and maintaining a network to welcome and befriend guests in members’ respective cities and to enable them to practice languages with native speakers. The organization currently has 42 member organizations and continues to grow. Check out its website to find an organization near you!

December 17- Wheeling out #8!

Based in Ontario, Canada, the Hammer City Roller Girls aim to create a fun and entertaining experience while advancing the sport of flat track roller derby. The Girls foster an environment that promotes female athleticism and teamwork and have been in action for over six years. Roll on over to the HCRG website to learn more!

December 18 – Pleased to, ah, add Day #9!

Melbourne’s Financial Basics Foundation has practiced its mission to educate secondary students on responsible money management and how the credit system works for 10 years. Founded by Collection House Limited, a receivables management company, the organization was created to ensure that all young Australians leaving secondary school have the ability to make informed financial decisions. Take a peek at the Financial Basics Foundation’s website to see more!

December 19th – Bringing you our tree-hugging tenth recipient!

Conservation Volunteers Australia aims to create a healthy, diverse, and sustainably managed environment throughout Australia. By designing programs that engage community, corporate and governmental groups and building awareness around environmental issues, Conservation Volunteers has been hard at work preserving and restoring Australia’s natural environment for over 20 years. To learn more about how you can help make a difference with this fantastic organization, be sure to take a look at its website and get involved!

Conservation Volunteers Australia Website

December 20th – Number 11 brings a smile not only to our faces, but to those of children worldwide!

Operation Smile Australia is committed to providing free treatment to children and young adults suffering from childhood facial deformities such as cleft lips and cleft palates. The organization sends credentialed Australian medical professionals on a volunteer basis to its International Medical Missions in developing countries around the world. During each mission, approximately 300-500 children receive full medical evaluations and 100-150 children are surgically treated. Check out Operation Smile’s website to see how they’re transforming children’s lives!

December 21st – Last, but not least – our 12th recipient!

French-based Etc. Terra was created by renowned French ecology photographer Yann Arthus-Bertrand, and aims to develop and manage projects in renewable energy, forestry, agriculture and waste recycling in under-developed countries. Etc. Terra considers its approach to be economically and environmentally sustainable and an effective response to not only issues in the development of a country, but also to the global problems such as climate change and loss of biodiversity. Take a look at the organization’s website to see its impact firsthand!

ETC Terra Website

We’d like to extend a big THANK YOU to all of our applicants, and we can’t wait to see the amazing designs they choose! If your organization, or an organization you know, would like the opportunity to be granted a free design contest, head on over to our 99nonprofits blog post to learn more and apply today!


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