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Novel ideas: Olivia’s tips for becoming a successful self-published author

Behind every great design is an even greater story. In recognition of National Novel Writing Month, we’re excited to introduce you to Olivia Wildenstein, a self-published author currently living in Switzerland. When she’s not writing, she’s psychoanalyzing everyone she meets, baking up a storm and attempting not to be late at her children’s school. Turning... Read More

November 25th By

Starbucks holiday cup designs ranked from best to worst

The whole Internet is exploding over a run of red cups. Is there actually a controversy or is this whole debacle the work of a YouTube troll? Is this “war on Christmas” indicative of larger cultural trends? We at 99designs think people are missing the most important question: is the 2015 Starbucks holiday cup well designed? We... Read More

November 13th By

How to make your book cover pop

It’s November, which means thousands of writers are typing furiously to complete a 50,000-word novel in 30 days for National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo to the cool kids). Maybe you’re using NaNoWriMo momentum to write your book. I’ll admit there’s a guilty pleasure that helped me through three years of NaNoWriMo madness. When writer’s block... Read More

November 12th By

Get to know Paula Scher, titan of postmodern design

It’s hard to believe that a single creative mind could be responsible for both the polished corporate-ness of the Citibank logo and the loudly expressive poster designs of historic Public Theater productions like Bring in ‘Da Noise, Bring in ‘Da Funk. Yet this all-embracing sensibility is the calling card of Paula Scher, a reigning titan in a heavily male-dominated industry. After... Read More

November 2nd By

Build a visual style guide for your brand identity

Branding is much, much more than just a logo, it’s your reputation: what you do, what you say and how you present yourself to the world. A brand style guide lays out the rules for that how. The great thing about a style guide is that it doesn’t have to fit into one exact prescribed... Read More

October 30th By

99designs wins top prize at Governor of Victoria Export Awards 2015

99designs CEO Patrick Llewellyn hasn’t owned a suit in 5 years (welcome to the fashionable world of tech startups). He finally found an excuse to buy one last week: the Governor of Victoria Export Awards in the Australian state of Victoria. 99designs was started in Melbourne, Victoria in 2008 by Mark Harbottle and Matt Mickiewicz. Every... Read More

October 13th By

Hobby to jobby: how Instagram allowed one entrepreneur to quit her day job

Behind every great design is an even greater story. Today we’d like to introduce you to Christina Fagan, founder and CKO (Chief Knitting Officer) of the Boston-based knitting company STIK. By turning to her Instagram followers for knitting production and 99designs for branding, the 25-year-old was able to gain a 30X increase in production and... Read More

September 30th By

Brand story case study: It’s time for tea

On Monday, Explainify Founder & CEO, Eric Hinson, showed us how to tell your small business’ brand story in 3 easy steps. Today he explores brand story with a case study: Photo courtesy Eric Hinson The Explainify offices are located just down the street from Savoy Tea Co., an amazing shop filled with scones, macarons,... Read More

September 18th By

Joining the buzz: how to improve word-of-mouth referrals

Word-of-mouth (WOM) referrals can make or break small businesses. In fact, over 92% of consumers take recommendations from family and friends more seriously than other forms of advertising. Luckily, it’s easy to spur referral behavior in your customers if you follow the following three simple rules: First, keep your branding consistently excellent. Second, increase your... Read More

September 16th By

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