Winning design by january_444

Stylistic Map Pin

Jerry OConnell picked a winning design in their button or icon contest. For just $314 they received 128 designs from 46 designers.

Here’s a peek at the client’s brief

Contest title


Stylistic Map Pin


Looking for gif-type images of an innovative map pin design

Background information

Brand Name


Content details


  • The marker should be some variant of a pin -- a sharp, pointy end that appears to "stick" into a specific point in an image, and a larger pin body on the other end.
  • The shape should be stylish and unique.
  • The other end of the pin should be large enough to have a 3-character label placed on it by the software.
  • There should be at least 8 different colored pin images provided. Bright colors such as red, yellow, light blue, dark blue, light green, dark green, white, and orange will work fine, as well as metallic (gold, copper, pewter, etc). Feel free to subsitute or add other colors to suit your sense of style.
  • It would be nice (but not required) to have several sizes of pin. None need be larger than the yellow "top hat" shaped pin that is Google Earth's standard.  Strong consideration given to those who do their image in vector (or other format that provides similar sizing capability) so I can do my own resizing.
  • The pin graphic must be able to be displayed either as an opaque solid object, or as a transparent object so the image behind the pin is still somewhat visible.

Don't Wants

  • I do NOT want a pin style like those found in Google Earth or Google Map or like the little ones with the round plastic ball on the end one finds actually sticking into real maps. Can you say B-O-R-I-N-G?
  • It should be a vector graphic or some other contemporary format of image that results in a "lightweight" object.