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iPhone App: App Finder needs icon!

noiseindustries ran a button or icon contest — Custom package.


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All iPhone users that would like to discover cool new apps.

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App Finder

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Apple iPhone and MacOS developer.

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We're looking for three (2) icons for this iPhone App. All icons should be in PNG format. Specific details about each icon are below. Application icon 57 x 57 pixels with 90 degree corners No shine; no gloss Does not use alpha transparency AppStore icon 512 x 512 pixel version of Application icon more detailed than Application icon. For this image, please also provide a layered .PSD alongside the PNG. The app allows users to see your friends favorite apps, and shares your favorite apps with your friends. The idea is to use your social network (ie their friends) to discover cool apps. Themes that *could* be used, for inspiration: - Social Networking - Friends - Favorites (maybe the star that is used in itunes etc. to rate stuff) - Discover cool apps is like finding a needle in a haystack Something that really stands out would be amazing! Looking forward to see what you come up with.