Winning design by aumlette

4 icons in a table (2 sets)

TVC picked a winning design in their button or icon contest. For just $149 they received 47 designs from 9 designers.

Here’s a peek at the client’s brief

Contest title


4 icons in a table (2 sets)


Need 4 icons in a table that matches my site

Background information


Anyone buying a vehicle is my target audience. I would like to create two graphics like this one (from…2ea7c088dc

Brand Name

Brief Summary

Internet Entrepreneur starting a new business.

Content details


Continued from target audience...... I want it to be the same width as the table on launch page (go to and click on year, make, and model – then click on the “I want this car” button and that will take you to the launch page to see the width):…09687ede13 The “How it Works” table could look like this:…a2ffa3a151 (taken from this URL:…nda_pilot) So the graphic will have some header text that reads: How Will Sellers Compete for Your Business? Tell Us What You Want – For the graphic, lets use a question mark. Refundable Deposit- For the graphic, lets use a $ symbol. Accept a Pitch – Lets use two hands shaking. Finalize Deal- Lets use a checkmark. We will also want to do a graphic like this for the sellers. If you go to this page you can see there is a button to “Pitch Your Offer” -…ia_sorento I would like a similar graphic to be made for this form (the one after you click “pitch your offer”): Find a Match- For the graphic, lets use a magnifying glass. Upload Your Pitch – We could use an arrow. Communicate with Buyer- We could use a bubble caption Finalize Deal- Lets use a checkmark.