Winning design by hoshimo

Fun Drawing iPhone App : Launch icon and loading screen

220Software picked a winning design in their button or icon contest. For just $473 they received 165 designs from 37 designers.

Here’s a peek at the client’s brief

Contest title


Fun Drawing iPhone App : Launch icon and loading screen


potential for more work after contest ends

Background information


Our audience is all iPhone and iPod Touch users - this app is a fun toy app that is a great time waster, and allows users to create neat looking glowing artwork, animate certain parts of it, and save images and send them to their friends. For example, they can create a glowing christmas tree, and have the lights twinkle, and then tap a button to have glowing snowflakes fall in the scene. At any time they can save a screenshot, and send it to a friend.

Brand Name

Glow Magic: Doodle Animator

Brief Summary

We're a small independent iPhone app company, with a couple of moderately successfuly sports apps to our credit. Screens of our existing apps can be found at

Content details


We need both: 1. An iPhone app launch icon, in two sizes: 57 x 57 px, and 512 x 512 px. The images must be the same, although the smaller version can have some minor cleanup that would enable it to look it's best at the smaller resolution. This image should look great on the black iPhone background, and should be visually impressive, and evoke the feeling of a slick, well designed application. 2. A graphic suitable for the loading screen of the app, which may be displayed for several seconds as the app loads. (Maximum resolution 320x400) We would typically take the main screen of the application, and overlay the loading image on top of it. This would have a transparent background. Some Notes: - Please Stay away from obvious magic metaphors like wands, hats, crystal balls - the app name may change slightly so we can't be locked in to this concept. - The icon and splash screen need to be slick and distinctive, and MUST incorporate a glow effect similar to (or superior to) the screenshots attached to this design brief. - Since the launch icon needs to be small, keep in mind that any text needs to be readable at both the small and larger sizes. (But text does not need to be part of the icon design - just the splash screen) Please look at the file called "Icons.png" attached to this brief - these are a couple of icons of competing apps. We want something that is more visually appealing than these! - We're also open to ideas about the 'look' of the application. While this app must follow Apple's standards, we'd be very interested in ideas for how we could 'spruce' things up as a whole.