Aust Sun Energy picked a winning design in their brochure contest

For just A$299 they received 27 designs from 6 designers.

Here’s a peek at the client’s brief

Contest title


Professional Stainless Steel Modular Tank Brochure A4 x 4 pages- Australian Sun Energy Pty Ltd


Australian Sun Energy is committed to creating an environmentally sustainable future

Background information

Organization name

Australian Sun Energy Pty Ltd

Description of the organization and its target audience

Australian Sun Energy is committed to creating an environmentally sustainable future. We combine innovative solar power technology with nature's most abundant resource to deliver clean, efficient energy. Our goal is to provide clients with the highest quality solar energy solutions reducing their greenhouse gas emissions and carbon footprint.

Australian Sun Energy is a technology-focused company dealing with experienced engineers in design and installation of solar systems. We promote solar hot water systems for domestic and commercial applications using evacuated solar tubes.


Supply and installation of domestic and commerecial evacuated solar tubes for hot water systems, Solar photovoltaic electrical systems, Hydronic solar boosted floor heating and Solar air conditioning



Content details


We want to launch a new line. Stainless Steel Modular Panel Water Tanks.We want a crisp and very professional line. All information is supplied in attached document. Please re-do charts etc -do not just copy and paste.Please look at our last design completed by 99 designs so there can be a common look about the brochure.Logo on first page. Contact details last pages. Look at our website to check out our site.

We want 4 A4 pages designed.If you require better photos logos etc please advise and we will upload.

The order of the information on the draft is not necessarily in the correct order.Feel free to rearrange so makes sense.

The attached All Product Catalog is a competitors brochure. That is just for ideas.the "back_OK.pdf" is our last design for ideas.

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