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Visit Cities for Free needs a new book or magazine cover


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By Visitcitiesforfree
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Congratulations to the winner, Harry Hyatt!

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Design brief

Organization name

Visit Cities for Free

Description of business

I am writing a series of books: "Your Guide to Visit ..... for Free'. My first book is 'Your Guide to Visit Paris for Free'

Organization industry

Travel & Hotel


Front back and spine for 6 x9 book. 145 pages.
Title: Your Guide to Visit Paris for Free
Subtitle: 8 paid activities you do not want to miss

The book lists everything you can do in Paris without spending a dime.

Ideally, I am not really looking for photos of Paris on the cover. I would rather have a drawing, sketches or illustrations. I like simple and clean. I do not mind bold colors like orange, pink, something that stands out.

I need space in the back to be left free for the ISBN. I am self-publishing with Create Space and I have included a file with create space specifications about the cover and the ISBN location.
Price need to be included in the back: $13.99

Your Guide to Visit Paris for Free Lydie Thomas

Further requirements

None specified

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