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jasondimmick81 is running a book or magazine cover contest and would love your feedback on the 7 entries below.

Its come down to this! These are the seven finailist for my young adult novel. Now you get to decide which one is the one I go with for my book. I have my favorite, but there are a lot of great covers to pick between. Keep in mind as you vote that this is for my very first published book so it needs to grab potential readers attention and give a clear view of what the book is about. If you are some one who hasn't had the chance to recive an early copy of my book to read, by all means please still vote. Just leave a comment as to what you think the book is about going by the cover you like best. The fate of my cover now is now in your hands! What will you decide?

#25 by WATCH THIS!
#37 by WATCH THIS!
#21 by WATCH THIS!
#36 by ARMS
#23 by graydolphins
#33 by xavierbacon
#34 by LaeTwina
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