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Here’s a peek at the client’s brief

Contest title


Psalm of David Publishing / The Davidic Company needs a new book or magazine cover


This is a business / ministry that focuses and provides spiritual/instructional materials, books, DVD’s Etc

Background information

Organization name

Psalm of David Publishing / The Davidic Company

Description of the organization and its target audience

This is a business / ministry that focuses and provides spiritual/instructional materials, books, DVD’s Etc. for worship arts ministries. Such as music, dance, mime, etc.



Content details


I really need a designer who wants to become part of my team. I have several projects coming, this first book is critical to have the pop to get the message out!
Anyone who is remotely connected to dance or mime, and is interested in further developing their dance or mime gift, should have this book!
The title is "The Prophetic DANCER and MIME.
(With emphasis on Prophetic, Mime, and Dancer)
I will need front and back cover, e-book cover, (not a tiny thumbnail). Potentially future work will involve many other creative projects, but first a home run with this book. I have the title, book is in final edit and formatting. New website is being launched In 10 days.
Looking forward to finding a very creative person to join me. This will be a long term potentially very lucrative endeavor: Step up and hit a dinger!
Further requirements
I would like to have my publisher logo on the back and on the spine of the book. (I am a self-publisher!)
ISBN-code and Picture are available for back cover
I would require the Photo Shop version of the final, for promos, posters slides, etc.

Cover Description:
The cover of the book as a beginning- initial concept have the following:

Colors: Black, White, and Red .

Base should start as white at the top and fade to Black at the bottom, giving some gray scale in between. (or creative as deigner sees need)
Items that must be included:

1. In the lower left corner either a full or half face/profile of a mime image: FACE ONLY (See attached examples.
2. In the upper right hand corner a captivating image of a dancer reasonably clothed or in dance attire
(Preference is male and female ballet team in an expressive pose or action shot.)
3. My name should be somewhere on the cover.(preferably at the bottom.
4. The words (Title) “The prophetic MIME & (or and) DANCER” should be on front cover.
The emphasis should be on” MIME” and “DANCER” with the next level of emphasis on “Prophetic”.. .
5. Those words should be placed maybe placed with The Mime face under the word “mime”… and the dance image on top of the word “ dancer” . You may want to put title on upper third of cover if possible

Cover designer has creative freedom to diviate from the description, if they feel they can offer something more catching and descriptive

The theme of this book is spiritual, and solemn. There should be a mystique/ or reverence to the color. This cover somehow, at minimum should communicate seriousness, and a solemn, but sincere approach to the unknown or the less known.

The goal theme of this book is God, (or The Holy spirit, or “The spiritual force,) “Speaking through the movements of a Mime or dance OR GOD speaking… If that can be incorporated in a serious way, all the better.

Last, please avoid any and all images, and fonts that communicate or suggest, clown, circus, carnival, laughter/amusement. This is serious business… God speaking!

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