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Mark Whiteway needs a new book or magazine cover

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Mark Whiteway needs a new book or magazine cover


Author of the Lodestone Science Fiction Series

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Mark Whiteway

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Author of the Lodestone Science Fiction Series.


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This is a print book cover for "The Sea of Storms" which is the first volume of an already successful Science Fiction series. I am changing print publisher - hence the need for a new cover for a 6 X 9 trim size paperback - 290 pages. The winning design must be sized correctly and upload ready for Createspace.

I will be looking to redesign all the print covers for my series in due course, is it is likely that the winner will be invited to participate in future projects. 

Concept: - Below I have set out my idea. This is the DEFAULT concept. However, if you have completely different idea that you feel is better from a design point of view, then feel free to blow my socks off! I would just say that the cover should convey the concept of science fiction rather than high fantasy...

The "party" of characters is pictured on a grassy knoll, looking out to sea. Here is the scene on which the idea is based:-

It was the most breathtaking sight that Shann had ever seen. It seemed to go on forever. Shades of crimson and azure blue, topped with myriads of whitecaps, stretched to the very horizon. Waves reared up, breaking against the shoreline. Flocks of birds swooped in and out of the surf, their shrieking cries drifting upwards to Shann’s ears.
“The Aronak Sea,” Alondo announced theatrically, with a wave of his hand. “Beautiful, isn’t it?”
Shann’s eyes were wide as dinner plates. “It seems to go on forever.”
“Maybe it does,” Lyall speculated. “Over there, some way below
the horizon lies The Great Barrier of Storms. If the sea extends beyond the Barrier, then who knows how far it goes?”
They were strolling down a chine which led through a meadow of
yellow and purple grasses. Alondo was on Shann’s left, with Lyall to
her right. Keris and Boxx followed a little way behind.
The party’s spirits were high. Keris had led them to a steep but
navigable cut through the eastern wall of the canyon, so that they
cleared the Pits in less than a day. Boxx had done an amazing job of
treating everyone’s injuries, although it pronounced itself extremely
tired afterwards–the act of healing seemed to sap its energies. Lyall had even carried it for a while. It seemed fully recovered now, as it trotted next to Keris.
The change in the air was palpable. Instead of oppressive heat and
sulphurous steam, there was fresh air and cool sea breezes. Shann was mesmerised by the immensity of the sea. She pointed at a distant shape moving over the water. “Is that…a ship?”
“It certainly is,” Lyall declared. “Ships ply up and down the coast
between Leota, Sakara and Kalath-Kar, as well as many of the smaller settlements. They carry everything from moba root to gold.”
“We will be at Sakara by this time tomorrow,” Keris announced
from behind.
Alondo whipped his hat off and threw it into the air. “Whoo hoo!”
He ran to retrieve his hat and settled it back on his head.

Please bear in mind that this is a fantasy alien planet. The characters are all alien and are all of the main alien race inhabiting the planet known as the Kelanni, except for Boxx who is a Chandara. Kelanni have green skin and tails and a somewhat more lithe build than humans. Chandara are less than half the size of the Kelanni when standing upright. They have six legs, a hard exoskeleton, a round head and small black eyes.

Of the Kelanni characters, Lyall, Keris and Shann all wear black suits and black flying cloaks. Lyall has short fair hair. Keris has long dark flowing hair. Lyall and Keris are tall. Shann has short dark hair and is short in stature. Alondo is medium height and wears a green suit and a conspicuous red hat. Keris and Shann are female. Lyall and Alondo are male. Some of the characters can be sitting, standing, kneeling or pointing out to sea - whatever works well from a design point of view,

Out to sea there is a sailing ship, but bear in mind that this is an ALIEN sailing ship - again this will be up to you to design.

The sky should look a little stormy and feature two suns - one orange, the other a brilliant white point.

For more background info, including a look at all the previous cover designs, please take a look at my website, Please also play the book trailer video you will find there.

This is already a highly successful series. I would like a cover that is going to make the second edition of the first book sell like hot cakes! Do me proud!