Help Simon Chapleau Consulting Inc. with a new book or magazine cover

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Help Simon Chapleau Consulting Inc. with a new book or magazine cover


We are an IT management consulting company

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Simon Chapleau Consulting Inc.

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We are an IT management consulting company. We leverage the research to improve the management of IT in mid-size organizations.


Business & Consulting

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I need an ebook cover design for the book we are finishing. The title is "Reluctant Customers" and the sub-heading is "Why user satisfaction matters and how to get it".

The book is about how end-user satisfaction is important. They are a captive audience, they don't have the choice of what's being given to them and yet they must do the work with the tools we give them. Often, IT organizations are so focused on cost that they forget that they need to serve their users right.

I'd like the cover to be simple and minimalist. You can check out the web site to get an idea of the current look and feel.

The cover should look good on the kindle.

Title "Reluctant customers"
Sub-title" Why user satisfaction matter and how to get it"
Author: "Simon Chapleau"
Ebook only



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