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Audio Issues wants your feedback on their book or magazine cover contest.

I'm getting ready to publish my latest book, You Get What You Give, which is a fictional parable about succeeding in the music industry and I need your help deciding on a cover!

Here's more information about the book.

If you want to transform your music hobby into a profitable and sustainable career, You Get What You Give is for you.

You Get What You Give is a business parable a la The Go-Giver that follows Casey, an aspiring music producer stuck in a dead-end job. He dreams of becoming successful in the music industry but has no idea how to find clients. After a disastrous start, he meets a mentor who teaches him the success principles he needs to make an impact with his career.

You Get What You Give will teach you:
-The Mindset Great Businesses Use to Find Quality Clients
-The Productive Habits You Need to Succeed
-The Importance of Understanding Your Customer
-The Strategy Behind Diversified Income Streams
-And How to Price Yourself and Define Your Own Success

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