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Winner - cclubb
Cory Clubb's book cover designs are fantastic. He listened carefully and gave me exactly what I needed. He was very patient with my perfectionism during the final steps in the process, responding cheerfully and quickly to every minor adjustment I requested until the covers were exactly right. After nearly twenty years as a traditionally published novelist working with cover designers at houses such as Harper Collins and Simon & Schuster, I rank Cory's covers among the very best.
- Athol
Finalist - Venanzio
Venanzio did it again! He worked his magic. As usual in a professional way he made my ideas become real and even improved them. Grazie mille big artist!
- indira.jackson
Finalist - Sherwin Soy
As always, Sherwin did a great job helping me with the files I needed.
- Stacey the Author

How Rgl008 started their book cover journey

Organization name

Roberta Gibson

Tell us a bit about who you are and the people you reach

I'm a writer.

What industry do you think your business is most related to?

Entertainment & The Arts

What inspires you and how do you envision the design for your business?

I want an e-book cover designed for my novel, The Applegate Garden. I am represented by Erica Silverman at Trident Media Group and your company was recommended by her for their new e-book division.

Here is a brief synopsis of the novel.

A young woman, Dawn Applegate puts her hectic but happy Manhattan lifestyle on hold to pay her estranged father an unexpected visit in Druwick, Massachusetts.

It's Halloween and the annual reenactment of its only witch trial dating back to 1678 is about to begin. Two years earlier, Dawn had portrayed Prudence Dale, the fifteen-year-old, who'd been burned alive by the villagers for supposedly calling forth Satan.

To Dawn's sorow, on the eve of her return, all hopes of unraveling her father's bizarre behavior over the past two years, ends when she witnesses his death by snake bite in the apple orchard, a section of the vast Applegate garden.

She extends her stay to handle the funeral and to arrange for the sale of the ancestral home, a large English Tudor, which according to her father's will, she is forbidden to ever live in, and it must be sold to someone not related to the Applegate's.

Her best friend, Becky Muldoon arrives to help. With the funeral now behind her and the house up for sale, Dawn is eager to return to Manhattan and her fiance who, due to a strange accident, was unable to make the funeral. But before Becky and Dawn can leave Druwick, they're involved in an automobile accident. Becky isn't hurt, but Danw suffers a blow to the head and is in a coma for three days.

When she awakens, she is unexplainably determined to remain in Druwick, and wrangles a way to move back into her childhood home where she's eager to tend the garden and eat of its food. With her memory strangely vanishing, Dawn hastily marries the tacit, stranger Nick Adams and, in due time, gives birth to twin sons. Becky Muldoon moves in to help and becomes a permanent fixture. We soon realize that Becky and Nick are not who they claim to be. Is the food grown in the Applegate garden and prepared by Becky the cause of Dawn's drastic change? Are Becky and Nick scheming to kill Dawn so that he can inherit the Applegate's considerable fortune. Or do Becky and Nick have darker plans for Dawn as the garden becomes the central focus of her life?

The Applegate Garden, is a modern day reversal of biblical "Creationism." Satan truly was conjured up in 1678, but forced back into Hell when Prudence Dale, who truly was a witch, was burned alive. Satan has been biding his time. When Dawn Applegate recreates the role of Prudence, she innocently brings him up from the bowels of Hell. The Applegate garden becomes his version of the garden of Eden. Satan then creates a demon, Nick Adams. Dawn is the unwitting victim of their scheme. Just as Adam and Eve, in biblical belief, created the beginning of the human race, Dawn has created the beginning of the Satanic race.

I ask you to use your imagination, but in no way do I want a snake on the cover or the naked man and woman and the apple tree.

It's Halloween. It's autum in Masachusetts. The village was settled by Puritan and these people are their descendants. They have only one old custom, the Prudence Dale witch trial reenactment. Druwick, Mass. is a small off-the-beaten-path, bucolic paradise where evil is woven into the innocent fabric of everyday life.

The Applegate garden is beautiful. It has a massive vegetable patch and there's a meadow where sheep graze, but this is Satan's domain and here, evil thrives.

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