"The Averoigne Archives" Cover Contest

Pickman's Press is running a book or magazine cover contest and would love your feedback on the 8 entries below.

Vote on the cover you like best for the upcoming Clark Ashton Smith ebook collection of dark fantasy stories set in the cursed, monster-haunted province of medieval France, Averoigne, where werewolves and vampires stalk the ancient forests, witches and necromancers lurk in the swamps, and gargoyles and giants terrorize the cathedral city of Vyônes at the heart of Averoigne.

Vote for the cover you feel most captures the atmosphere and spirit of the Averoigne stories. That said, remember that a good ebook cover should have titles that can be read clearly at thumbnail size, since that is how online shoppers first see it. Thanks!

#86 by OSSDesign
#87 by OSSDesign
#76 by SBLA
#85 by Labelschmiede
#74 by SBLA
#70 by g. Veintimilla
#63 by rbp designs
#79 by ink.sharia
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