Cover for Chick Lit Novel (Take 2)

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Violet and Leah have been best friends since middle school. They've weathered puberty, dating, marriage, and children together...and it's been quite a storm. Despite their obvious differences...think Felix and Oscar...they've remained best friends for 30 years. But that might be about to change once they embark on their newest adventure together...a Divorce Cruise.
Leah wants to make her bestie's 40th birthday memorable, so she books a cruise for the occasion. A week away from Violet's kids and daily stress in paradise. There's just one little problem. Violet doesn't know the trip is a Divorce Cruise. And...she's not divorced.
Will Leah be able to keep the nature of the cruise a secret? Or will Violet find out and flip out on her best friend of thirty years? Will the trip of a lifetime ruin the friendship of a lifetime?

#57 by e. dor
#51 by dalim
#47 by Deanne Designs
#55 by Zoe Tesla
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