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book or magazine cover for XP Publishing

Jgwies ran a book cover contest — Bronze package.


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Finalist - sercor80
Professional as always. A pleasure to work with.
- kennedygroup2

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XP Publishing

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publish christian books

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Content details

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We need a front/back cover for a 7.25 x 10.25 214 pg spiral bound book. (no spine)

The title is "77 texts from heaven" sub-titled "teen devotional journal"

by Nichole Marbach

Also on the front, the following description:
"77 daily messages from Heavenly Father that will bring teens into a deeper understanding of Father God’s heart of extreme love & grace towards them"

The word "extreme" needs to be underscored. 

We would like the cover to tie in, color-wise, with the color of the spiral called "reflex blue" as depicted in the graphic displayed. The additional graphic displayed is a graphic in half tone that is in the book. It can be imitated and colorized for the front, or just used as an idea for the cover concept.