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book or magazine cover for Richard J. Bennett



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Richard J. Bennett

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The Target Audience.... It's for anybody who ever attended MacArthur High School, or for anybody who has ever attended a U.S. High School period!   In the book I say it's for the Student and their Parents, because it has to do with PLANNING getting through High School, and coming out the other end with a TRADE, a VOCATION, ready to work. 

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Hello ! I've written a book about MacArthur High School, located in North Texas, a school started in 1963 and now has 2,600 students. Anyhow, the book... it's a HISTORY about the school, PLUS... it has opinions and viewpoints of former students, teachers, administrators, plus past and present School Board Members. MY OPINION... is that High School should prepare the student for the WORKPLACE. The High School offers Architecture, Construction, and Engineering as its main emphasis. Of course it offers a whole lot more, but these are the main three. It also prepares the student for college and has a big computer emphasis (no books, just laptops). The School Colors: RED, WHITE, and BLACK (an auxiliary color... it helps to make the shirts look nicer). But there's RED because the School Mascot, the CARDINAL, is Red. We're talking about a BRIGHT RED. The School Mascot is BIG MAC, and I've included a photo of him. There's also a pic of the MacArthur Coat-of-Arms, with the words Fide et Opera on it (Latin for Faith and Labor). I've got a Title and a Subtitle. The Main Title is FAITH and LABOR, and I guess you know it should be big. Positive stuff. Sis-boom-bah high school stuff...Title: FAITH and LABORSubtitle: An Examination of a Texas Public High SchoolAuthor: Richard J. Bennett



Well, this is High School... it should be optimistic. You don't have to use the group pic if you don't want, unless you could use it as a faded background... the MHS Coat-of-Arms is a pretty bad pic also... but it shows the School Motto... you can play with this, maybe color it in... and the Big Mac fellow is a cartoon Mascot here.... you can play with him, he just has to appear tough. But the book is mostly about getting the kids ready for the workforce, because college really doesn't have all the answers. I think High School has more opportunities... hey it's FREE ! :o)