Winning design by pshoudini

book or magazine cover for Maria E. Vasquez

Tresbellarosas picked a winning design in their book cover contest. For just $299 they received 90 designs from 16 designers.

Here’s a peek at the client’s brief

Contest title


book or magazine cover for Maria E. Vasquez


Book cover for a magical realism romance novel "Light and Shadows."

Background information

Organization name

Title of book "Light and Shadows" Author Estela Vazquez Perez

Description of the organization and its target audience

Book cover for a Magical Realism Romance novel - - "Light and Shadows"


Entertainment & The Arts

Content details


The name of the book is "Light and Shadows"/ Author Name  Estela Vazquez Perez

I would like a grand 100 year old theater wooden stage with open draping red drapes and elegant balconies on each side. In the middle of the stage I want ,a "ghost light," one light bulb on a tall post. The stage should be dim, the only light is from the light bulb. I would like the design to have romantic and mystical feel.

The synopsis, which is still being written, layout will be in the back.