Winning design by Sherwin Soy

book or magazine cover for Egxacting

Peter EG picked a winning design in their book cover contest. For just A$499 they received 59 designs from 15 designers.

Here’s a peek at the client’s brief

Contest title


book or magazine cover for Egxacting


Design a cover for a book about the made economy we find ourselves in at the mom

Background information

Organization name


Description of the organization and its target audience

Publisher and consultant trying to understand the intersection between business and technology


Business & Consulting

Content details


We need a cover for a book.

The book is called:

The New Instability: How globalisation, cloud computing and social media enable you to create an unfair advantage

The following forward captures the book nicely.

"It’s hard not to recognise and feel instant empathy with a book that is titled The New Instability, as it does seem to sum up the current world. But is it really a simple issue of more change more often due to a succession of one-off unique events? It is tempting to think so, as if this is true then our comfortable normal existence is lurking in the background ready to return as soon as this latest storm has passed by.

"The hypothesis of this book is that this return to business as usual simply isn’t going to happen, and that the new instability is a permanent condition, in fact more than this, it is the normal condition of our world, society and nature, and that for a brief period in business at least we have artificially been able to suppress instability. The marshalling of the facts to establish this point makes up the first part of the narrative, and it is both educational and convincing. However, with the argument accepted the question shifts to an analysis of what this means and how to succeed by recognising instability as a succession of opportunistic events.

"This is not the place to try to summarise the very detailed and practical approach taken to the topic, but it is the place to encourage the reader that this is a key book to read, to learn from, and, most of all, to change one’s perspectives. And it is all of these things, but for all this imparted knowledge it is a very readable work that uses examples to illustrate and render complex issues understandable.

"So as a regular reader of the author’s blog posts, it’s good to see the entirety of Peter’s excellent thinking and analysis in one place as a coherent story. The New Instability stands out for me as a must read, and as a reminder to stay engaged through this medium as The New Instability itself demands!

The book will be will be published as both an ebook and physical book, so we need versions of the cover in the following formats:

1. PS file to support 6x9 perfect bound cover
2. PS file to support 6x9 hardback jacket
3. image (PNG, SVG or TIFF) 612px wide by 792px high RGB, to support ebook

The perfect bound and case bound images must conform to Lightning Source's layout requirements (…ndardBooks). The Lightning Source templates (including the correct barcode) are attached to this email). The "-Perfect" files are the paperback templates, while the "-JacketBlue" are the hardback templates.