Winning design by Dany Nguyen

Book Cover: Beam me up Hottie

W. Baudín picked a winning design in their book cover contest. For just $295 they received 95 designs from 17 designers.

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Book Cover: Beam me up Hottie


Awaken the true you, Dream big and Receive better.....I am a Well-Being Transitional Life Coach, Spiritual Consultant and Feng S

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Master Mind 33 LLC

Description of the organization and its target audience

Well-being transitional life coach and spiritual consultant. My motto is KISSES - Keeping it Simple Spiritual Empowering Supportive coaching. Guide and help people remember who they really are, what their life purpose is, how to know they are connected to Divine Source. Provide them guidance and tools to empower them in discovering their inner power, the power of their thoughts and emotions, the Law of Attraction, how to have the ideal life encompassing all aspects because they learn how to love themselves and others. They create a loving, happy, peaceful and abundant life. I have recorded a 3 CD package containing Intro to Meditation, Relaxation and high powered songs in 432mhz and developed and presented 6 Empowerment webinars.



Content details


Title: Beam Me Up Hottie!

Subtitle: Awaken the True You, Dream Big and Receive Better

Author: Wendy Baudín (Not for designers: accent mark over the í )

Small side module on front cover: Keeping It Simple Spiritual Empowering Supportive - KISSES

Free Offer: Download Introduction to Meditation CD

Please see pics attached and further comments below:

I am a Well-Being Transitional Life Coach, Spiritual Consultant and Feng Shui Consultant. This book is a combination of three things, mind, body and soul:
1. body/human - so the cover can be subtly classy confident beautiful sexy
2. the mind - standing in your power, happy, secure, confident, image, no fear
3. spiritual - loving, connecting to higher consciousness, your higher self, ethereal. Awakening, remembering who they really, why they are here, and why they are ready for NEXT. It also encourages and strongly supports dreaming big and keeping their focus on that. Focusing on what they want, and to stop focusing on what they don’t want. We are creating our new world and we want love, peace, abundance, happiness for everyone. There is no fear, it’s all cool and completely natural to ask ”Hottie” to Beam me up. See below for more info. Thank you