Words for Winners: The winning mix

Peter Vukovic

Contests are rolling in faster than ever, which means the opportunity to participate and build your design reputation is endless. Luckily, 99designs is here to make your contest experience enjoyable. We are starting the “Words for Winners” series, dedicated entirely to teaching you important tips on how to win.

The winning mix contains 5 important ingredients:

  1. Build talent and inspiration
  2. Select the right contests
  3. Contest winning strategies
  4. Marketing tips to boost your design business
  5. 3-week design learning cycle

We’ll explore each of them in detail by uncovering tips, techniques and tutorials that will help you strengthen your success as a 99designer.

Here is a sneak preview of the tips to come:

1. How to build your talent and find inspiration

Ever wonder how the big dawgs always manage to create the slickest designs? We will show you how they think and what they do, so you can do it too. You’ll understand where inspiration comes from, how to get it when you’re stuck and how to build your technical skills to compete with the best.

2. How to select the right contests for you

Do you know the difference between the best contest and the best contest for you? Or between an A+ brief and C+ brief? In this part of the series, we’ll show you how to understand what you’re really good at, how to look at contests and how to pick them correctly.

3. 6 contest winning strategies


You can win by doing your best, or by doing your best and explaining why it is the best. Rapid prototyping and claiming the territory are just some of the strategies you’ll learn in this part of the series.

4. 4 marketing tips to boost your design business

What’s your client to contests ratio? Do you know how to make use of 1-to-1 invoicing? Don’t miss this series of tips if you want to stay in touch with clients and use 99designs to build a thriving design business.

5. Studying design in a 3-week cycle


Do you learn by reading or by following design tutorials? If you’ve never thought about studying design, please start now – your learning habits determine your design success. We’ll explore a 3-week cycle that will help you stay “in the know,” while teaching you how to be your best.

Feeling excited? You should be — this will be the ultimate 99designs guide we’ve created!

Let’s get started… Up next: How to build your talent and find inspiration

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