Typefaces of the world: Snapshots from the community

Alex Bigman

In our last Type Around Town post, we called upon the community to photograph awesome typeface implementations from their own neighborhoods. The point of this series is to appreciate the effect of good typography in the real world — in signs, ads, books, etc. — and not just on the web.

Of course, artful typeface usage exists everywhere, not just in hipster strongholds like San Francisco and New York City. A few members of the community stepped up to prove it: check out these snapshots from Las Vegas, Nevada; Semarang, Indonesia; Timisoara, Romania; Ciudad Guzmán, Mexico; and Croatia. And … we do have a few more from the Bay Area and New York.

Snapshots from the community

The King’s Pub, Romania


Typeface: Chopin Script; image courtesy of Gane Design

Camara cu Mirodenii, Romania


Typeface: Campanile; image courtesy of Gane Design

DUGDER night market, Indonesia

bukan_penjaga_loket (2)

Image courtesy of mo2n KMD

Letras Café, Mexico

letras_cafe_ref (1)

Image courtesy of dialfredo

Palanqueta de Nuez, Mexico

palanquetas_arreola_ref (2)

Image courtesy of dialfredo

Light Nightclub, Las Vegas

dsc_0097 (2)

Image courtesy of BRANDONart™

Border Grill, Las Vegas

dsc_0052 (2)

Image courtesy of BRANDONart™

Cofetaria D-l Goe, Romania

fotografie0352 (3)

Image courtesy of TrueLoveDesign

Passte Pizza Mexican Food, Croatia


Image courtesy of Ines

Paul Mitchell, Croatia


Image courtesy of Ines

Snapshots from us

American Conservatory Theater, San Francisco


Typeface: Eagle Book

Big Bottom Market, Guerneville


Typeface: Impact Std Roman

Perla, New York City


Uniqlo, San Francisco


Typeface: Bodoni Old Fashion URW Medium Italic

ACCI Gallery, Berkeley


Typeface: Quaint Gothic SG Regular

Lure, New York City


Urban Picnic, San Francisco


JAQK Cellars, San Francisco


Typeface: Trade Gothic Pro Bold Condensed #20

Berkeley Art Center, Berkeley


Typeface: Akzidenz-Grotesk BQ Bold Condensed

San Francisco




Typeface: Masheen Bold

The Station, San Francisco


The New Museum, New York City


Typeface: Neographik MT

Booklet accompanying the Criterion Collection DVD of Last Year at Marienbad


Typeface: Benton Mod Disp Cond Regular

Which typefaces of the world is your favorite?

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Alex Bigman
Alex Bigman

Alex contributes from New York City on topics ranging from branding and typography to the history of design.

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