Landing pages are often the most effective means of getting customers to a product. Rather than a traditional website (with multiple tabs and in-depth content), the landing page is usually a stripped-down, single page that’s specifically made for potential customers to “land on” and convert. To achieve this, these pages utilize a CTA, or “call to action”, that encourages visitors to complete an immediate action – such as downloading an app, submitting an email or purchasing a subscription.

Done correctly these pages can revolutionize online marketing efforts. Check out some of these awesome examples from our site and get ready to come in for a landing!

Blacktie utilizes white space


Designer: bound
Contest: Create the splash page for an invite-only food review site

Remembrance gets right to the point


Knowknot shows below the fold CTA

Designer: dwiya
Contest: Landing page for new data API using cool illustration

Caterpillar keeps it bold and recognizable


LeadPages™ points where to click


totulo directs the eye

Andrei P

Designer: Andrei P
Contest: Creating a clean and engaging home for a mobile software company

doobiebox: find the CTA no matter how slow you are


Rocket Marketing illustrates their testimonials


Simple Loose Leaf keeps it uncomplicated


Designer: KimKiyaa
Contest: Landing Page/Subscription Signup Page for a Tea of the Month Subscription Box

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