5 fresh spring color palettes to inspire your next design


Spring is here and it couldn’t have arrived soon enough! The following palettes explore several spring color motifs such as pops of color and in-between hues. Hopefully this resource will help designers jump into spring with fresh color ideas.

1. Gentle awakening

spring 1

Winter is a muted season and in its wake comes the gentle awakening of spring. In color this means bright but lightly saturated colors; also colors which are in odd locations on the hue spectrum. Nothing is quite primary.

HEX Values:

2. Robin’s nest

spring 2

A recurring motif throughout spring is pops of color through muted palettes. A good example of this is a robin’s nest where the famous teal eggshell sits in a nest of desaturated yellows.

HEX Values:

3. Grass is back

spring 3

Another good example of spring color pops is the grass slowly emerging through both the melting snow and the dead grass of the previous year.

HEX Values:

4. Blue sky

spring 4

Here on the east coast, blue skies are a sight for sore eyes. A simple span of grays across a blue background creates interesting optical hue effects across the background.

HEX Values:

5. Sunset

spring 5

Finally the warm nights set in and the sky lights on fire. Again, nothing is quite primary. The contrast in saturation also creates an especially rich purple and magenta.

HEX Values:


The previous examples show not only how color can be used to capture a season but also how they can capture moods and feelings. With that in mind spring can be embarked upon not only with fresh spring colors but also with fresh ideas on on how color can be utilized!

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workerbee is a self taught designer from the east coast with a relentless curiosity in all realms of life. 99designs profile: workerbee.

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