How to design a successful infographic

Floyd Hijada

Everybody loves a pretty picture – but when it comes to showcasing more complex content, how do you keep it short and sweet?

Many designers turn to infographics as a way to simplify complicated information. By replacing charts with playful visuals and only showcasing the most important data, you can tell a better story that is much easier to understand.

The Look

The visuals you choose can give your data immediate appeal and – if it’s good enough – the possibility of going viral.

Above all, the design needs to look and feel simple. Don’t overwhelm your reader with distracting color schemes and fonts. The most successful infographics utilize space and color to tie down information, convey clear messages, and highlight the most important data points aesthetically.

Graphics are what sort out all of the information. You can’t call it an infographic without graphics!



Content is the meat of your infographic – but that doesn’t mean that any content works. Before you start designing, be sure to compile the important information you want to share. Make sure that it’s reliable and compelling enough for the visuals to work with it.

The information you include should also relate to the overall theme of what the infographic is about. Keep an eye out for redundancy and trim the excess. Extra information that is irrelevant to the message will distract your readers and ruin the flow.



It’s no secret that infographics are often about pretty boring things. It’s the designer’s job to spice the information up. By creating fun illustrations, adding a touch of humor and choosing the right messaging, you can excite readers with the dullest of data. If your infographic feels bland, you need to reevaluate your strategy and strengthen your storyline.

A good designer will lead your eyes from point to point with a compelling narrative. Make sure that you understand the main point of your infographic and keep it consistent throughout.


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