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The 4 types of productivity styles

Within weeks of starting my first job out of college, I was sent to the in-house time management training program. I dutifully attended the class and used the planner they provided as instructed. But as the weeks went by, I noticed that my productivity hadn’t improved. As I looked around at my colleagues, I noticed that many of them were also struggling with the system. (read more)

The undeniable benefits of being weird

All my life I’ve heard the same refrain, “Why can’t you be… Normal?” But, everything in life has its risks including (and especially) being ‘Normal.’ Most of us understand there’s risk when taking the chance and aspiring to something more. But even more are ignorant of the cost of Normal, the cost of not taking chances, and the risk of complacency. (read more)

The best opportunities are the ones you create for yourself

To take your idea, business, or career, and turn it into something truly successful, we have to be capable of taking full advantage of the opportunities that come our way. However, despite what many of us have been led to believe, the best opportunities for success are often not the ones we stumble upon by pure luck. (read more)


How to avoid getting stuck in the trap of bad first ideas

Sometimes your very first idea is the one. The first business name that sprung serendipitously to mind, the first illustration presented to a new client, the first object prototype, or the first concept for a new online course are often framed as sparks of genius. (read more)

Use boredom to find your next jackpot idea

Graphic designer Paula Scher understands the importance of time away from technology as a valuable part of the design process. She explains how this works in her creative thought process. (read more)

Avoid over-planning with #Now, #Next, and #Later deadlines

Getting ideas off the ground requires careful planning; having a plan in the first place improves your chances for success. But there’s always a risk of falling into a trap that paralyzes ideas: over-planning. (read more)

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