Everyone has their off days. But when a deadline’s fast approaching, you can’t afford an unexpected creative slump. Below, we’ve rounded up six of our favorite articles that will help you knock creative block to the curb. We hope they help inspire you for your next project!


Why you should carry a notebook with you everywhere

Yes, notebooks are an easy place to capture ideas inspired by everyday life, no matter where you are. More importantly though, if you begin to review the daily notes or doodles left in your notebook, you will begin to find trends and themes within your smaller ideas that can be brought together and refined. (read more)

Make your own creative pregame ritual

Of course, athletes who don’t first warm-up run the risk of pulling muscles. You, however, aren’t going to hurt your back if you sit down and start working immediately. Your work itself will benefit immensely from a pregame routine though. (read more)

Do fewer things, more often

Entrepreneur and VC Mark Suster lives by this rule: “Do Less. More.” In a time when you could fill an entire work day just staying apprised of what’s happening in the Twittersphere, or devote more time to cool conferences than to being at your desk getting things done, the key to productivity is doing less, better and more often. (read more)


For every 10 hours of haters, spend 50 with your cheerleaders

Psychologists have long known about the “negativity bias”—the notion that our negative comments and moments have an outsized impact on our psyche. This means even a single online comment or snide remark from a friend has a profound effect on us. (read more)

Why are we so distracted all the time?

If your work depends on finding undisturbed time for deep focus and creative thinking, you know all about the modern curse of distraction. What you may not realize is that most of us misunderstand what distraction really is – and clearing up that confusion is an essential first step to any lasting solution. (read more)

6 ways to quickly restore sanity to your day

It may seem counter-intuitive, but it is during your most stressful, crisis-filled times that you most need to take regular breaks. We often view taking ten as a bonus, an added reward on a slow day, and not the critical tool needed to get through the roughest of workloads. (read more)

How do you fight off creative block? Share your tips in the comments!