Is your logo working to promote your business, or is it lagging behind? Here are a few signs that your business needs a logo redesign.

  1. Your company expands

It seems like yesterday that you first opened your doors. Now you’re adding products and services, and maybe even thinking about moving into a bigger space. Redesigning your logo can alert customers to new developments in your brand.

You may have noticed that Domino’s made this redesign move recently. After expanding to offer pasta and sandwiches, the delivery giant dropped “pizza” from their brand name to reflect their broader menu.



Secret Sandwich Society turned to 99designs when the restaurant opened its second location, a perfect time to reconsider how their logo would appeal to a fresh audience.

“Our old logo was a little too complex,” a company representative explained. “It had a color that was hard to match, the text was uneven…We needed something cleaner [and] bolder.”


Logo redesign by EGDP; check out full contest here

The new logo is clear and modern. It also tucks in the micro logo of “SSS” and the crossed keys, a clever nod to the appeal of this “secret” restaurant.

  1. Your competition changes

You know that part of your value proposition means distinguishing yourself from the competition. But what happens when the competition changes?

A new competitor or tech innovation can change how customers evaluate your product or service. Think of air travel now versus 15 years ago. Security is stricter. Planes have Wi-Fi and individual entertainment screens. New fees and features abound. On my last flight, the airline texted my boarding pass to me as a QR code! Imagine how top airline execs jostle to position their brand as the cheapest, the most convenient, the most luxurious or the best connected.

If a shifting competitive landscape leads you to change how you position your brand, consider making your logo part of your new marketing strategy. An arresting new design can remind customers of your commitment to unique values and help keep your brand top of mind.

  1. You reach out to a new audience

The Mail Center’s been in business long enough that their former logo was designed on a typewriter. The company already had a loyal client base of middle and upper-middle class professionals, aged 40 and up. The Mail Center needed to keep current customer relationships strong, but they also wanted to attract a younger crowd. Their main concern in their logo redesign was how to appeal to their new audience without alienating their current customer base.


Logo redesign by cioby; check out full contest here

The new design is airy and dynamic, a great impression for a mail service to offer. The color, updated font and nontraditional text layout feels fresh and sleek. At the same time, the logo’s classic envelope graphic and clear presentation speak to a sense of old-school reliability and professionalism.

When your business targets a new customer demographic, assess your logo through new customers’ eyes. Whether you need a quick touch-up or a complete overhaul, make sure your logo connects with all your target clients.

  1. Your brand values evolve

Your brand grows and changes over time. Certain values grow more prominent, while other ideas fade into the background. If your logo no longer reflects your brand’s personality, it’s time to update.

Take Ruby, an event-planning company that hosts anything from weddings to corporate events. They designed their previous logo themselves—and still love it—but they realized it didn’t capture the spirit of their venue.

“Our venue is a unique mix of historic, contemporary and industrial design,” a rep said. Their logo needed to reflect that eclectic space.


Logo redesign by Estudio Gema; check out full contest here

The new logo does a much better job balancing the different elements of Ruby’s venue. The symmetrical design feels traditional and established, while the geometric shape adds a contemporary note. Even the subtle shading in the bottom half helps conjure the industrial feel, suggesting a bent sheet of metal instead of a flat design.

  1. Technology outpaces your logo

Like floppy disks and rotary-dial phones, some logos can’t keep up with the times. Check periodically to make sure your logo feels professional and relevant as technological innovations develop.

Maybe, like the owners of Ruby, you rolled up your sleeves to create a DIY first logo, but now you can afford a professional upgrade. Or maybe your logo was designed on outdated tech, like The Mail Center’s old design. Don’t worry about churning out new logos to fit every design trend, but if your old logo doesn’t work across key platforms, retire it.

Test your logo across different forms of media. Does it look outdated online? Is it blurry or busy when shrunk to thumbnail size for social media avatars? If so, it’s time to redesign.