Trending Type: A cool free font roundup

Alex Bigman

Last week, we put our two cents into the eternal “best and worst fonts” debate (recap: Harabara was condemned categorically; the rest were allowed case-by-case tribunals).

But enough of that. We thought we’d follow up with a simple roundup of some beautiful, widely useful fonts that are trending at the moment. Oh, and did we mention they’re all free? Feast your eyes on these and get to work with your own modifications!


1. Sanchez


Sanchez font family – a slab serif similar to Rockwell, but with rounded edges.

2. Valentina


Valentina – “an antique Spanish didone.” How’s that for an ampersand!

3. Alegreya


Alegreya ht was voted one of the best typefaces of the decade in the Letter.2 competition.

4. Otama


Otama e.p. is a fashionable modern Didone.

5. Weston


Weston is a rounded slab serif perfectly made for logos and headlines.

6. Bobber


Bobber is a slab serif that evokes an early 20th century style.

7. Museo Slab


Museo Slab 500 is subtle and elegant. This typeface is here to stay.

8. Bree Serif


Bree Serif is a charming “upright italic”.

9. Banda


Banda rocks those rounded nubs make this a “semi serif”. Try out a few modifications and it is perfect for logos.

Sans Serifs

1. Hattori Hanzo


Hattori Hanzo is a supremely readable typeface made for infographics.

2. Code


Code is great for pretty much everything.

3. Circula


Circula is magnificently tall and rounded.

4. Novocento


Novocento is a wonderfully balanced uppercase font based on 19th – 20th century European type styles.

5. Exo


Exo font family is a contemporary geometric font, and the product of a successful Kickstarter campaign!

6. Egypt22


Egypt22 is an experimental font that is both geometric and symbolic. We love this one.

7. Cassandre


Cassandre is a typeface based on its namesake’s iconic Art Deco posters.

8. Ostrich Sans


Ostrich Sans is a sans serif with a very long neck.

9. Lato


Lato means “summer” in Polish. This sans serif is transparent at small sizes, but becomes distinctive when enlarged.

10. Static


Static is monospaced and geometric.

11. Bebas Neue


Bebas Neue is this simple sans serif is definitely a keeper.

Seen any other cool free fonts lately? Please share.

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Alex Bigman
Alex Bigman

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