Our community team is continually trying to figure out ways to educate our designers. From providing tips, resources and tutorials, designers are always learning through our blog. It’s time to put the things you guys have learned to the test! Let’s sharpen your skills with our series of branding exercises for designers.

We’ve created a handy downloadable JPEG of the branding exercises so you can print them out and reference them as you work through them! So let’s get to it:

1. One-Liners

You have been asked to submit an identity design for a company. The initial sketch of your logo must be composed from a single unbroken line. Once you’ve placed your pen or pencil down on the paper, you can’t take it off the page until the logo is complete. Do not go back for corrections – embrace your mistakes and see what you can come up with!

2. Three of a kind

Choose a random company of your interest and create 3 logos. One should be very close to the existing logo but refreshed/modernized (See: Google or Yahoo’s redesigns). Use a similar concept of the existing logo in this one. Next is to create another design that has a similar concept, but a completely different implementation. The last design is to make a design that is a lot different from the existing design.

3. Brand yourself

Create a logo or poster for yourself. What would you have in your logo or poster? Make sure it shows your identity. This design project is for you, so you don’t want to make a bad first impression!

4. I.N.I.T.I.A.L.S.

Initials. We see a lot of generic combinations of initials around. Lets make a logo of your own initials. Try something you cannot find in a web search. Think of a crazy way to implement your two initials together. Make the combination unique, but don’t forget to make sure they are distinguishable. Add your own little touches to make it “you”.

5. Design charades

Have a favorite show or movie? Create an illustration, logo, or poster without actually putting the title of the show/movie on it. You want to communicate through your design here, and not through words. Make sure your design portrays your favorite show or movie without actually telling us what it is.

Don’t forget – practice makes perfect. Show us examples of your take on these below!