The road to Hollywood: actor Harry Cook starts his own production company and launches a design contest for the logo

Update: We’re pleased to announce that Harry picked a winner in his logo design contest. You can check out the winning design here.

We love to see people taking the world by storm, and Australian actor and new 99designs customer Harry Cook is doing just that. At just 22 years old, Harry has worked with some of the industry’s finest actors (Geena Davis!) in movies including “Accidents Happen” and “Caught Inside.” He’s now gearing up for a move from Sydney to Los Angeles, where he’ll continue acting and launch his very own production company, Boho Studios. Harry just launched a design contest on 99designs to find the perfect logo for his new project – and we jumped at the chance to chat with him about his career, branding and the exciting adventures ahead.


(Image courtesy of IMDb)

Can you give us a quick backgrounder? I’m 22 and have been acting since I was little. I didn’t do any professional work until about 5 years ago when I got cast as Geena Davis’ son in “Accidents happen.” I did another movie that same year and have since worked regularly in film, TV and theatre ever since. I’ll be moving to LA in February!

What sparked your desire to start your own production company? I love films. And I’ve always wanted to make them as well as be in them, so I thought starting Boho Studios would be a step in the right direction. I’m not out to make blockbusters, just stories with heart.

What genre of film will Boho Studios produce? Drama, comedy and maybe even thriller. And both feature and short films. I don’t want to limit it to anything. I’m a sucker for a good script so that will be what it all comes down to. I’m writing a movie at the moment called “Please Share,” which I want to be one of the first films Boho Studios produces.

Will you continue to pursue your acting career? Definitely! One of the main reasons I’m starting Boho Studios is to play characters that I like and do films that really interest me. Drew Barrymore’s studio “Flower Films” is one she created to make projects for herself: that’s how I see Boho Studios.

You have over 60,000 Twitter followers! Can you share with us your secrets to Twitter success? I talk to everyone. Literally. I reply to absolutely everyone and I think people respond to that because I’m not arrogant and don’t ignore people.

Is this your first foray into branding, or have you always had to “brand” yourself as an actor? I think branding as an actor is relatively important due to the world we live in now. Everyone knows everything about everyone immediately. So I think making your mark and putting my stamp on things is important.

Why do you think having a great logo for your company is so important? People recognize logos and link it to certain things. For my production company I’m looking for a logo that oozes a bohemian (“boho”) feel and something that’ll leave a lasting impression. I’m very excited to get the project started.

Follow Harry’s design contest here – and make sure to stay tuned for the poll!

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