UndoRedo turns her hobby into a web design career

Tiffany (aka UndoRedo) may be new to web design, but her work certainly don’t show it. While she had always considered herself a “hobby artist”, her introduction to 99designs proved to be a life-changer.

Over the past few years, she’s been able to test out her creative profession, build out her skill set and solidify her signature illustrative style. Today, she’s fully prepared to pursue a professional career in web design – as we’re sure you’ll see with a quick glance at her portfolio.


Name: Tiffany
99designs handle: UndoRedo

So, how did you wind up as a web designer?

I’ve always been a hobby artist, and my inspiration has been fueled most by comic books and animation. Friends have often told me I should be earning my money in art, but I was unconvinced I could reliably support myself doing creative work. I discovered 99designs a year ago and it felt like an opportunity to see if this was something I might actually be good at.

It has been a sort of life-changing decision, since I’m now looking to pursue web design full-time. All my interactions with the 99designs team have been really supportive and I can’t thank them enough for that.


Well, it’s clear that you have a real knack for website layout, in addition to illustration (including a great sense of color). How do you bring these skills into your design process?

Thanks for that. I’m still very new at this, so I treat each project as it’s own sandbox. I try to work intuitively, using color and imagery to set a tone before the user even begins to engage with the content.

So you’d say there’s a real place for drawing in web design.

I adore illustration. I don’t think I ever stopped being excited about picture books (which explains my love of comics). The reason I use illustrative elements in web design is to immediately draw the visitor into something uniquely personable. Illustration can do it’s own storytelling with written content playing a supplemental role.

My hope is that engaging people visually ignites their motivation to learn more about the purpose of the website. A great art style can distinguish a business from it’s competition, and convey personality in a way a lot of stock photography fails to do.


Where does the grid enter the picture?

Layouts are structured with respect to a logical flow of information and consideration of mobile responsiveness. I’ve had a lot of outside help familiarizing myself with what goes into the technical end of web design.

How do you stay current with your craft?

I keep folders of eye candy from all around the web, from tumblr artists to movie stills. Ever since I started designing, I find myself looking at everything with a critical eye. I get really excited about things like clever navigation, animations and touches of interactivity in web design.


Are there things in your city that inspire you artistically?

I grew up in the suburbs of New York, just a short train ride from NYC. I’ve always been fond of old brick buildings and businesses with worn signage. I feel like there’s some authenticity in things with wear that feel handmade.

I’ve recently moved to Wichita, Kansas. It’s a really charming little city, with plenty of that vintage aesthetic and an active arts community.


What’s on the horizon for you now?

I’d just like to keep learning and improving. The dream is to make freelance web design my full-time job and have the freedom to travel. I’ve always had a craving for road trips.

Questions for Tiffany? Ask in the comments!

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