We’ve long admired Project4’s vintage-inspired brand work – and so have their clients. Made up of husband and wife duo, Jenny (pictured below) and Brian, Project4 started back in 2013 and have come a long way in very short amount of time.

Here’s what they have to say:

“We got married pretty early in life and had to quit our education midway due to various circumstances. And, like in fairy tales, ‘one fine morning’ while browsing the web we came across 99designs. We liked what we saw and decided to give it a try. Liking led to passion and passion to obsession to stand up in life. With the Lord’s blessing, we have been able to give Project4 a mark and in turn ourselves.”


Name: Jenny (above) and Brian
99designs handle: Project4
Location: Southeast Asia
Specialty: Vintage logos

Where did you learn how to design? Did you go to school or are you self-taught?

We learned to design on our own. YouTube is the institute we went to and 99designs has been our mentor and finest teacher thus far!!

How did you develop your style?

Initially, we entered every kind of contest. Along the way , we realized our strengths and preferences. I think that led to the development of the style and body of work we have as of now.

Where do you pull your inspiration from? What draws you to the vintage/retro look?

The internet is a big source of inspiration. The world around us is filled with design. So keeping our eyes and mind open have been equally helpful. We have also learned a lot by participating/watching contests on 99designs and our fellow designers.

We love the design aesthetics that are associated with retro designs. It is the finer nuances that really draw us into it.

project4 vintage logos
Logos for The Farmhouse and Owens Valley Distilling Co.

How did you get started on 99designs?

As I mentioned previously, we were pretty broke and desperate to stand up and do something. We came across 99designs on the web while go through design tutorials on YouTube and reading the user comments below, where someone had mentioned about this kind of a website where you get paid for designing and it goes by the name of “99designs”. That was our first meeting with 99designs. 🙂

You’ve had a lot repeat clients. Why do you think they love working with you?

We charge very little… hehe 😀 …On a serious note, I guess we give the client a lot of priority, be it in listening to their feedback and working on it or letting them express their thoughts. To cut a long story short, we have been good listeners and hard workers.

Do you think having a signature style helps set their expectations?

Yes, you are absolutely right. A signature style does help. People approach us, knowing the kind of work we are good at and what we do. That does not give rise to unwanted expectations and maintains a clear line of communication.

project4 Brand identity
Brand identity for VoCo Fresh

You say that you’re a Bespoke Design Studio. Do other designers work with you on projects? How do you collaborate?

When we say “Bespoke”, more than collaborating it is about creating designs specific to clients’ feedback. We firmly believe that all of us have designers within us, so we let the client lay down their thoughts before pitching in with our suggestions.

Do you have any tips for other designers?

I am too small to advise other designers. I learn from all of these guys and girls here. I just request that they read the brief much more accurately and pay attention to the industry they are catering to. Hopefully they do not take my words too seriously and I can win more 🙂

project4 logos
Logos for Lake Woerthsee and Jubilee Pomade

Tell us a little about where you live.

Well, I was born in India and then was initially based out of Paris, but I have been traveling and working in Southeast Asia for some time now. So no fixed address here, as of now.

Anything else to add?

We just want to say a big thank you to the entire team at 99designs for providing us with this platform. More than designing, we found life again. Thank you.

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