If you’ve attended a fitness class, you know that the music played during the class is a crucial element to the quality of your workout. It’s the extra oomph you need to keep at it when your muscles ache and your body wants to stop.

Mark, Julie & Paul have devoted their business FitMix to discovering which music makes you want to turn up the heat during a workout, and hope to distribute it to gym instructors everywhere. FitMix provides gym instructors with playlists for their classes, varying in both genre and length depending on the workout.

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Where did the inspiration behind FitMix come from?

We are siblings! There are three of us: Mark, Julie and Paul. We have combined backgrounds in the music and fitness industry so we put our passions together to develop FitMix.

We noticed it is difficult for instructors to find new, good, appropriate music to play in fitness classes, and this is where the inspiration for the business model came from. We knew how to access that music, clean it (take out the swearing) and mix it together – so we decided to take this on. Also, we believe in the integrity of the music industry, and wanted to make sure it was done right.

What do you hope to see in the future for FitMix?

We would love to have instructors downloading mixes daily, and we want to be known as the go-to for fitness instructors. We would also like to have class participants coming straight to us, letting us know what they want to hear too, so we can get those songs into mixes for the instructors!

Eventually, we would like to launch an app, whereby instructors can literally grab a mix on their way to the class and play it.

How do the music mixes differ? Are there specific mixes/genres for different work outs?

We work with various instructors and take requests. So we have some very fast mixes, some slower mixes, some that have a large range between the fastest and slowest BPMs (Beats Per Minute) and some that are very consistent throughout the class.

We also have theme mixes! Some examples are 80s, 90s, best of 2013, and a Mother’s Day mix – where all the artists we used in the mix are moms.

Tell us about your customers. Are you partnering with local gyms to provide their entire music mix collection?

We are currently in the process of speaking to gyms and trying to get a feel for all the different types of music they use. We are also speaking to a lot of instructors directly to see what kind of music they would like to see in our mixes and what BPM ranges they would like.

It has been a balance between marketing, educating our customer base on music licenses, and learning about the industry.

What sort of marketing efforts do you find to be most successful?

So far, talking to instructors has worked best. We WANT their feedback. We make the mixes, they teach the classes, so we need to know what works for them when they are in front of the class. We LOVE it when they tell us.


Example of a FitMix; logo design at top left. See full contest here.

Did you learn anything about branding, or your vision for the company, while running the contest?

Although there are three of us, and between us we have a lot of experience in the music industry, the fitness industry and in running a business – not one of us could have developed or designed a brand or logo!

In fact, we didn’t even know – or agree on – what direction we wanted to go in with branding. Each one of us had a different vision and with our collective lack of artistic ability we were not even able to communicate our visions with each other. So we knew we needed a professional.

What advice do you have for others starting a business?

Ask for feedback. Be willing to accept it.